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My sister in law married into the family 10 years ago and I hated her before that even came about. I know how horrible that sounds but I feel she created an unforgivable situation. I have 3 beautiful daughters whom I love so much. My oldest is 12, middle10, and baby is 21 months. When my oldest daughter was 3 years old when I had my 2nd child. After my 2nd one was born she had to be hospitalized and I was in with her for 4 days. On the very last day my husband had to leave for work so we asked her if she could watch her. She agreed and we had no reason to believe she wouldnt take good care of her. I arrived on that day and had dropped my 2nd daughter off at a friends house to go and pick her up. When I got there I was so excited to pick up my little girl. When I got to the door I knocked for awhile and waited. The car was parked out front and so I thought she was there. I kind of looked through the window which you can see straight through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Still nothing. I thought well I will go outside and walk around thinking maybe they were in the back yard. Still nothing. Well I started to walk back to my car and my heart just dropped. My little 3 year old girl was strapped into the carseat in the back of her car and mind you windows rolled up in the beginning of August. I about lost it. I opened the door, picked her up only to realize the pullup she was wearing and the car seat was completely soaked through with her own pee. I picked her up and she was pretty warm grabbed her diaper back pack out of the front seat and got in my car and drove off. I immediately went to my friends house just shaking because I was so upset she could treat my daughter this way and also angry all at the same time. Finally I just packed both of my girls up and drove home. About an half an hour later I received kind of a smug phone call because apparently she thought I overreacted and said she was unloading groceries. But where was she? I could see in the house, in the kitchen. And why was my daughter left in the car in the first place? Her dog was in the house. Anyway to conclude this my husband came home and I told him what had taken place and when he confronted her with what I had told him she said Kyla had no diapers. That immediately outraged me because she had a whole back pack in the front seat. WTH. And since this whole situation took place my husbands sisters say oh she was only 19 people make mistakes and they treat me and my husband like we are wrong. We are supposed to just get along and treat her like family. How do you make them realize how very wrong it was for her to do this to our child. I dont know how to even look at her. A couple of months ago I tried to resolve this over the phone with her and her exact angry words were "Sorry I left your kid in the car for 5 minutes." I just told her" that kid you are referring to is my daughter". How can someone just treat another human being like that especially a 3 year old child and not feel bad about it? What should I do? Now when we go to family things she is treating me like the criminal.
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I wish I had better answers I hope your hub realizes what idiots he has for sisters just insist YOU don't want them watching your kid only someone who is sensible & responsible<br />
I hear on the news people who leave kids and pets in cars. N it can get well over100 ^ out here geezzz

I would report her and have her arrested for child neglect for she was responsibe for your child at that time....I hope she has no kids of her own we don't need more neglected kids in the world.

Thank you for your comment. I have been just completely frustrated about all of this for a very long time. I just dont know what to do because with the SIL she is just treating me and my husband worse each time there is a family thing and his family just thinks I should let this go she was only 19. I just feel that is no excuse. This is my child. The worst part is my husbands whole family does this all the time. His sisters visited and this was during the winter bringing one of the sister in laws kids along and they left her out in the car alone, in winter, car shut off, across the street!! I told my husband he better tell them to go get that child or I was going to come unglued! I am just waiting for this to become a senseless tradgedy that could have been prevented. It will end in heatstroke, hypothermia, or they could get out of the car seat and get hit by a car. I feel his family especially his SIL need to realize how wrong this is. It is sad but I shouldnt have to explain. This is the grandchild and neice that she treated this way.

It was bad enough to see her out there all alone but even worse to find her in the condition she was in and think God all she had to do was wake up or be left in there longer and I may not even have had her here. It makes me sick to my stomach she is getting away with this.

The feelings I had that day were undescribable. Why do people do this?

i would not ever trust her again ! like aradia said maybe call the cops ...

keep ur children away from her

yes absolutely......

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