Okay, I Don't "hate" My Sister-in-law...

I just extremely dislike her.
I am usually pretty open minded, and I am an extremely friendly person who can get along with just about anybody.
However, she is against everything I'm for.

I don't like name dropping, or gossiping, but I need to let out some of this bitterness otherwise I fear I could just explode.

My dad knows I don't like her, and the last time we talked about my dislike toward her, we had a fight. And it did, in a way, get physical.
He threatened to hit me if I did not leave, and his anger got so out of control that he followed me to my room and busted my door down. I was only 16 or 17. Way too old (in my opinion) to get spanked.
I had to have my mom come and get me that night.

She's against gays, lesbians, and transgendered people just because she's Christian.
And she even admitted that she wished death on all of them.
She still denies it to this day.

She's stuck up, narcissistic, and just rude about everything.
She knows I don't like her, and I could care less.
I don't consider her family.
And I don't care what my dad thinks. Nothing he could do or say could make me love her or consider her family.
I'm not going to say she's the best sister-in-law ever, just to please him or anyone else for that matter.

NightTide89 NightTide89
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I think you need to stay away from this SIL and your father. Not that I haven't been in a similar situation myself with my father, even very recently as a married adult and mother, so I know saying "cut him out" is more easily said than done. Stay strong - anyone who wishes death on a group of people like that is a hate-filled person. Your SIL sounds like a freakin' gem.