I Never Knew I Was Capable Of Hating Anyone Till She Came Along.............

i know hate is a strong word n i had never known what it feels like when u hate sumone,till this b.....-of a sil came along.God aone knows how many times i tried to get along well,but she has a BLACK heart n is sooo darned cunning.Frankly nw i m scared of her(secretly!)even tho she is younger to me.Im a piscean :the peace lover n she is a leo the dominator.as sshe cannot order me to do things her way she has drawn me number of times into ugly disputes which turned voilently verbal as i could not just sit back n tolerate her cunningness.we live in a joint family n my in laws all love me n she is jealous of this so tries to drag me into ucly b....y cat fights so that d peace of d family is destroyed.her stories r endless ,sumday i will tell afew then sumone can tell me what i shud do to escape her.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Try to avoid her at all probable cause. Do not be afraid of her...giving something or someone fear is feeding them power. Stand up for yourself if necessary. Have you talked to your husband about her....I gather this is his sister? I can tell you right now I never know what it isbut those sisters WHOM ARE REAL CLOSE TO THEIR BROTHERS LIKE I HAVE SEEN DISPLAYED DISTURBINGLY AND ANNOYINGLY <br />
never never like the woman their brother is with. <br />
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