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I have only been married for little over a year but this year has been the hardest of our 4 yr relationship. After finally moving in together in an apartment during the pregnancy of our daughter my husband and I decided to move in with his family. We are a young couple in our early twenties but had no problem living on our own and supporting our daughter as adults. Our apartment was pretty nice too except when it got repeatedly broken into. At that time his mother in law who I am very find of had been suggesting and offering that we move in with the family. They have a nice sized house and she was so excited about being around her first grandchild on a daily basis. The move was also to be mutually beneficent. We would help them by paying rent and dividing up housework while we save money staying with family (ie save up to own a home vs rent an apt or even return back to school part time). Even though I love his mother and saw the up side and benefits of saving money for our future...I already knew moving in with his b*tch if a sister would be out of the question. She is two years older than my husband and myself making her 24 yet she's never even attempted to leave home to get her own place, doesn't do her own laundry, and can't be bothered to pick up after her nasty pets. All of these annoying aspects of her spoiled nature might and could've been overlooked had I not already had it out with his sister years before and continue having a strained relationship. The back story to all this is that my husband is black and I am white-American mixed with Asian and Hispanic; however no visible or knowledgable black blood in there. For both of our families this presented the usual awkwardness and encounters with certain insensitive and bigoted relatives. But oh my god, his sister is a psyche-trip! This wannabe vegan, neo-hippie is afrocentric down to her cold dark core. I would say heart but I'm not sure if she owns one of those. From day one it's been nothing but awkward debates, sly remarks, stereotypes, and racial comments. Even with her going so far as later making these comments in reference to our child (calling her a "chalupa" and a Mexican; I'm part Cuban and European Spanish). There was even several heated debates between her and my husband in an effort to portray him as self hating or a sell-out. Oh, woe to the black woman! His sister draws in their various relatives into our disagreementsand we even suspect her of moving things around/hiding items in our small apartment off of the house as well as tampering with our condoms. She spies on my Facebook page, posts derogatory statements about myself and her brother in her status updates, and has even started a huge heated debate about my then 7 month old daughter who she wanted to have dreads. Why in the worlds would my daughter who is 7 months old get dreadlocks - which is a permanent hairstyle?! My husband disagreed and said also because she is very fair (her complexion is identical to my own) and her hair is dirty blonde and in fine kinky ringlets. Her didn't think her light complexion and nearly blonde hair would be well suited to locs. Whether he has a point if not I was in utter disbelief that this crazy afro centric b*tch was trying to turn my daughters hair into her own political statement. At that point in time she had barely enough to form two pigtails on her head. Give the child a chance! She is always criticizing how my husband and I take care of our daughter even though she has no children or real responsibilitiesof her own. I refuse to let her have unsupervised time with my daughter any longer because any time she has ever offered to assist my husband with anything (co-signing for our car) it turned into a huge task that she rubbed in both our faces. Concerning our car me and my husband are establishing our credit and are great about paying all of our bills in advance so in order to help us qualify for a car and boost her own credit she offered our husband. I was completely against it and after a huge argument months later age brought it up as if she were giving us handouts and I was ungrateful. Now she doesnt so much as babysit. She has tried repeatedly to break up our relationship and has even tried to get my husband to choose between her or me. She invites her childhood friends that once dated/still like my husband to our daughters bday party and then get pissed because when I was put in the spot I said I dont like her friend and then the reason why. Beyond my sister in laws spoiled behavior and far-left racist views (black men can't date outside their race, non-black women are inferior, black pride, etc) she also is completely inappropriate towards my husband and around her family in general. She plays grab *** with my husband a d wrestles him but instead used to try to nut-chuck him and grab his ****. She once proclaimed in the living room her shaven ***** was not capable of leaving pubes in the bathtub and offered to show it right then and there. She walks around bra-less in tight fitting t-shirts and flouncy tops. Nipples hanging out, side boob, and getting flashed full breasted wardrobe malfunctions. I have begun to wonder if his sister is so opposed to our union not simply because of racial boundaries but maybe she has some sick underlying attraction that leads her to compete with me on every little thing (movie choices, fashion, political discussions, and even how to parent my daughter). On top of that I sincerely believe she envies me. She can never seem to settle down with a guy and is always complaining about single black females and not enough men out there - this girl has had multiple abortions and several resulting miscarriages. So not only do I believe she envies my marriage but also my family. The worst part is that my husband wanted to make her the godmother of our child and before the fighting got out if hand I agreed. But now I am adamant about her not being the godparent. No way in hell. It actually sickens me to see her playing with and holding my child. I actually don't even want her in my daughters life due to her radical racial beliefs and fear she would teach my daughter similar beliefs or even attempt to discredit me or distance me and my child. Already she tried to make my husband choose between us and manipulates my mother in law into always taking her side. This b*tch even tried to swing on me in an argument - came out of nowhere swinging while I was holding my daughter. I have contemplated several times leaving to stay with my family or leaving to my best friends' house because the tension was so bad. We attempted to patch things up but we are still all living together and honestly - hate is a strong word but I truly hate her. I wish her nothing good but try to refrain from wishing her evil. I can't stand the b*tch. Manipulative, sneaky, close-minded, racist, crude, skanky, spoiled, immature, hypocritical, self righteous, self serving, pseudo-hippie who absorbs pre thought out ideals and regurgitates them back out trying to pass them off as her own. I have no respect for her. The worst part is that my husband agrees I shouldn't let someone who mutually hates me back be the godmother but he doesn't want to tell his family. So this cow still thinks she's my daughters godmother. When we eventually move out - how do I cut her out of my life forever and keep her from interacting with my children? Hope this came out alright I typed it on my iPhone lol - damn that autocorrect.
I am sure the next time tho that I won't be holding my daughter and I would love nothing more than to feel face against my fist. And next time I will leave.
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I have brothers and two out of the three sisters-in-law are terrible people, but I would never step between them. I'll never understand why a sister would do that - you may hate your brother's wife, but you should never put your brother in such a situation as to choose between you. You can speak calmly to your brother if there is something you see that you don't like, but it had better be more important than a racial difference. More like abuse or neglect. I feel very fortunate that my one good (actually incredible) SIL and my niece and nephew from her are black while we are white and that there has never once been an issue in either side of the family. Sounds like your SIL is weird and shallow.