Going Through A Tough Time....

I just typed up this huge thing! I accidently deleted it.

I am going through a lot with my fiance's sister.

She and her husband started a bunch of drama via facebook.

His sister also posted under my dead brother's picture that I am ungrateful and should cherish how my brother died and use it to appreciate the living. He killed himself. Everyone saw her comment. She said a lot of other things.

I'm not ungrateful

She is just a *****. Needy, Liar. Self Centered.

She has been a problem for me since I met her.

its like she wants to be married to him. She can have him. She has done nothing for us. Nothing for him, Nothing for his family. She is just drama.

She treats her kids like crap. She talks down to everyone she can. My fiance doesn't understand why I am mad at him. I have every right to be mad at him. I am tired of her getting a slap on the hand, and getting away with murder.

Sorry this is so short, the previous entry I had was longer but I deleted it by mistake. Blah.

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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

I'm sorry for your loss. Your fiance's sister should never have accused you of being ungrateful with a comment on his picture. And "cherish," I believe, should never be used in relation to a family member's death unless perhaps it's in relation to memories at the advice of fellow mourners. What, did she know your brother? Does she know every little thing you're dealing with at every moment? I hope that your fiance wakes up and understands why you're upset. Family matters have a tendency of befuddling reason, but you should be able to expect support from someone you've decided to spend the rest of your life with (at least when it's reasonable).