I Hate My S.i.l.!!!

My sister-in-law is the worst...I can't stand her. I've been going out with her brother for about 8 years now, and we have two boys together. We never really got along from the get go. She was always rude to me especially when she came over to visit. She would just come inside the house and say hi to her brother and not me...RUDE, right?!!! She is a spoiled 25 year old brat. Still lives at home with her parents, doesn't work and doesn't pay rent. All she does is buy really expensive clothes and shoes with her daddy's credit card. She has no friends, so she comes by her dad's work place ( where I work) and hang out in his office all day doing nothing. It drives me crazy because I have to see her all day! The thing that is driving me crazy right now is that she favors one of my son over the other. She takes one out every tuesday to go watch a movie or just hang out and the other one just stays home with us wondering why she doesn't take him out as well. It breaks my heart for my baby boy and I HATE her even more for hurting my baby like that. Her brother (my boyfriend) doesn't see a problem with her favoring our oldest son. Please give me some advice...thanks
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Your should be husband needs to realize what a train wreck his sister is/
The reason for this you already said; "SHE'S A SPOILED BRAT." What is she going to
do someday when Daddy isn't around whoa.....she will turn to her brother.

You have seen this for 8 years I would personally give an ultimatum...marry me respect my understanding in matters OR out of the situation....That girl needs to grow up hold a job down does she at least go to school? WOW Sorry for your troubles honey...