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My husband is from a large family and his brother married a woman who I grew up with, named Annie. Originally Annie and I were friends before we married into our husband's family. I even introduced Annie to my my husband's brother, Raul. Over the years, however, Annie and I have drifted apart, which is quite normal, except that she has been taciturn and even rude, invasive and high-handed with me in the last 9 months. The situation that really piqued me was as follows:

Since my husband and I have gotten out of the military I've been suffering from severe PTSD. I have nightmares of the trauma from the military, to include night terrors of evil-looking creatures who remind me of some of the ppl in the military. I have also been going through a rough time with my blood family. My mother is a classic type-A Narcissist who is super mentally abusive and I suffer from panic attacks and nightmares and breakdowns whenever she tries to re-enter my life. Basically, I am going through a rough transition and mentally re-programming myself from the brainwashing of the military, war and my childhood.

I am also not a Christian while my family and my husband's family are devout Christians. Since I am not a Christian, my opinion is often ignored and my siblings-in-law have often called me "crazy," a "witch" or "the Jewess," sometimes in jest, mostly derogatorily.

The above doesn't bother me so much, but it is in this context that Annie approached me and told me, without any reason, that if my husband were a "better" husband he would do what Raul [her husband] does, and "pray over me" to cast the demons out and that my husband is negligent and spiritually a "weak leader" etc. She went on to tell me that my nightmares are just the result of allowing demons in my life and being prey to the Devil etc etc. I got so mad listening to her nonsense I finally just snapped and said "Annie, it's called PTSD and soldiers get it when they come back from trauma." To which she said something snide and went away. Before she left, she mentioned that our mother-in-law didn't "approve" of my husband as much as her's [Raul] and that my husband was seen as being weak and bad leader of our family since I suffered from nightmares. Her speech was humiliating to me, of course.

Then, later, she told my mother-in-law, who I am friends with, that I had a "problem with her" and that I was upset with her, which is entirely not true. Of course my poor mother-in-law was devastated and approached me, wondering what she had done to upset me, which was a surprise to me b/c I was not upset with her at all!

Fortunately my SIL left in time to fly back to her home over 1,000 miles away and all the pestering and inter-meddling has ceased with her exit. Unfortunately X-mas is fast approaching and I'm going to see her again. Also, Raul, my BIL, is a total religious douche bag who can be fanatical to the point of rudeness and/or cruelty (eg, humiliating ppl for not being a X-tian, not believing certain things etc).

I want to get away for the holidays and avoid them, esp as we are going to have to share the same house due to financial circumstances on my husband's end but the money isn't there and ontop of it, I can't spend the holiday's with my own family due to my mother's awful behavior.

Just needed to vent. I'll suck it up with a straw but as you can see, I feel a little more apprehensive than joyous about the holidays this yr.
B3thany B3thany
Dec 1, 2012