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I've been dating my boyfriend for almost two years. I have no sisters and his sister is a year older than me. I thought this would be awesome for us to bond and reconnect. (We went to high school together) She became very standoffish to me and when my boyfriend and I hit some rough patches she shut me out. Even though our relationship grew much stronger she still hated me! I would try to reach out to her and offer to babysit, and ask her questions about being a mom and how she was doing. she was very short and mean to me to say the least. I then found out I was expecting in December. She ran rumors around that I got pregnant on purpose. That I did not; however, I am so thankful for my son, today. Things got better for awhile, then chaos erupted again. Their other sibling began dating a nice girl, my best friend in fact, and my sis-in-law was very accepting of her, wanting to hang out, texting, Facebooking her, and not judgmental what so ever! Even when her brother and the "new" girl had problems she did not step in and become judgmental of her like she did with me! No matter what I tried she always was short, rude and judgmental of me. Most recently we were all out on New Years Eve and I offered to buy her a drink she ignored me. I then asked for her to take a picture with my friends,and our other sister in law (her brother/my boyfriends brother's girlfriend). Then as I (a little intoxicated) grabbed her by the arm and forcefully made her dance with me shouted, "Oh come on, be happy. Don't act like a fake *****!" She immediately became scornful again and a fight broke out between her brother and my boyfriend because of it. And as dramatic as it sounds, (which it was) the fight didn't stop there. The brother and the "new" girl proceeded to come to my home after my boyfriend had left to fight once more. Thankfully they were stopped; however, the new girl was shouting from the top of her lungs, "F#ck Matthew!" (Matthew is my 4mth old son, mind you!" She also was screaming, "I hate Matthew, I nevr want to see him again" As a mother, you can imagine how irate I was! They were contained and left. And now, what angers me the most because that filthy ***** will never be allowed to be apart of my sons life is that my mother in law and "sister" in law are defending her! Blaming it on alcohol and have turned this whole thing against us! Is that fair? Someone help. I'm at my whits end! How could anyone say that about an innocent baby? Drunk or not? And how could she be defended. The relationship between the "new" girl and my sister in law didn't change, I'm sure they confided with each other after the fight about how I was finally out of the family. It just angers me so much, Help.
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Thank you @colopez

Wow sounds like a crazy story.As long as yoyr husband has your back u will pull through this and on everyone elses pount of view in his family lu ke his sister they obviously sweat u too much and that's why she acts thst way so u are doinf something dounds like ur attemidating her or your a threat to her because u might be better.all I can say is don't sweat her let her sweat u and kewp doing good as long as she's the one doing all the drama you already one.u must be pretty amazing.don't try to change ur sis inlaw or sweat about change exept the facts and be on top of your game.goid luck you are obviously important.