My Sister In Law Is A Conniving Witch And Her Husband Is No Better

they pretend to like my husband and me. they say rude things about us to our friends. I've tried to get along with them and mostly let them have their way even though it cases me a lot of pain especially when it comes to my kids. i haven't done anything to either if them for them to hate me this way. they love to play on my weaknesses and my guilt. they walk around as if they are high and mighty. anything me and my husband do they instantly have to one up it. it's a horrible feeling to have the man i love's sister and her husband think so little of me and to spread such obscene rumors.
no matter how much i try im just not good enough for her brother, or a proper mother or wife in their eyes.
they have no kids if their own and are very materialistic. she has gone as far as downing me because i dye my hair myself rather than spending unnecessary money to get it colored professionally.
i don't know what more to do trying to make them happy for the sake of my husband and kids has made me miserable.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

WOW, that's a tough one and I really feel for you! How can people be so rude to their inlaws... especially when children are involved?? They are their nieces & nephews! I guess your choices are either limiting your exposure to them (probably doing that already), or sitting down and telling them how you really feel. What have you got to lose? Sometimes people need to be confronted with what they are doing to realize that it is wrong. Or maybe it's time to have a heart to heart with your husband. I would never let my brother or sister disrespect the woman I love.

Things are actually a lot better now than when this was posted. I let my sister-in-law know how it made me feel and I choose to avoid extended time around them but we have stopped a lot of the rather rude exchanges.

That's great news! You didn't deserve that treatment.

Screw them. Set your brother in law up. Have someone seduce him. Payback is a *****. Then have his wife find out he's cheating.

With kids it makes it harder to deal with all the BS. What does your husband think of the situation?

we've been married 5yrs and he is no realizing just what type of people they really are though he still cares to avoid conflict because that's his only sister and she has a way of turning people against you he prefers me to remain as civil as possible even if they are extremely rude.