"i Own You!"

Me SIL is the extreme and unfortunately no matter how much I try to repair our rift; she just becomes more of a mean girl. I was attacked three years ago and every single time we around each other she somehow mentions something about my attacker, his famil, or his business. This has made me cry upon several occasions. She had a similar experience many years ago and I thought she would be empathetic towards me. I would be uncomfortable if she did bring it up,it's my place to bring it up when I am ready. I just never expected her to try to pour salt on my wounds. I am baffled at her behavior. I don't know what to do. She wants to babysit my daughter all the time, but won't ever let me sit her kids. I think it's just a battle at this point. I saw her punch her son in the chest once and after that I vowed to never leave her alone with my baby. She has been out of line numerous times. She once told my husband in front of over twenty people that, "I own you and don't you forget it!" I have tried to move past the petty and bond with her even after all of this, but she won't meet with me individually, so I'm at a loss. I try to ignore her now because I don't want to get hurt by her words, which inevitably follow in any conversation. How is she so talented in fitting these slights in? Help!
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I am gathering this twisted sister is your HUSBANDS HE NEEDS TO STAND UPTO HER and not let her take charge and think she OWNS anyone. I would defintely be saying a few things back.....I feel for you younger women with kids and having to deal with those cretins all the time.......GOOD LUCK