Jealous Of A Ghost

My sister-in-law died leaving my brother-in-law to raise their daughter. He waited ths standard year to start dating, but only after that one year, plus four months went by before he knocked up the first girl he dated, which was someone from high school. They went on ONE date in high school, but that was it, (because he was in love with my deceased SIL and started dating her instead) and he never saw her again. So since he sort of knew her already and she was pregnant, he decided it wouldbe the right thing and marry her. He hid the entire oregnancy from us. We had to ask him about it and she was 20 weeks by then and knew it was a boy. She basically came into our family with her middle finger up and an attitude like, "I'm having his kid, so screw you if you don't like me." She doesn't soeak to me or my kids and she has a mental breakdown when brother-in-law visited his wife's grave. She purposely tries to keep my neice away from us. She has a kid from last marriage the same age as my niece and daughter (they're best friends/cousins (and she demands that we take both kids every time. My niece told us she feels she cannot talk about her mom, because it makes her stepmom jealous and she said she feels liks rhey don't really like her. My BIL tells my husband she is bat sh*t crazy and my MIL told us they weren't doing well, but to everyone else, BIL acts like thyre soooo happy and he defends her. She is bipolar. She knew she was already, but after the baby and the hormones she got on meds. She keeps him so busy that he can't make plans with anyone. They bought Christmas gifts for her best friends kids and HER nephews, but not my kids. She has spoken to my kids once each in two year. She ignores me, unless there's an audience then she hugs me and says it's nice to see me. Every other time, she doesn't speak to me. I am my niece's godmother too and I know everything going on would not be appreciated by my SIL who died. I have done nothing but try to respect her wishes and be there for my niece. I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to lose my sh*t with this girl! BIL is not allowed to do anything she doesn't tell him to and she's even let our niece stay with her ex-husband for a sleepover with the step sister, but we can't see her! BIL can't go to certain restaurants, because waitresses are too pretty! Why does he out up with this from her? How can he complain about her so much to my husband and then if we say anything bad, we are the jerks? He said he feels duped and trapped. I can't stand her. She quit her job to move in, made my niece call her mom and ks now doing all she can, it seems, to keep dead wifes memory ir the people that remind her of her, away. The kicker; she spends time with deceased wifes family on regular basis, yet the dead wife is driving her crazy.
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Jan 12, 2013