And I Guess It's Not Done....for Sil Anyways

So, if you read my recent post on Jan. 9th, I left it at what it was. SIL not wanting me in her life and such.

Okay, so IF YOU HATE ME and you DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ME, then why are YOU contacting me????

Oh, yeah, you need help. LOL.

So, SIL sends me a message on FB. She would appreciate it if I could convince my husband to call her. Because apparently he hasn't answered some texts and would
like to speak to one of my sons.

Why? Why is it so important you talk to a ten yr old? Why right this minute when you couldn't bother yourself to ask that during the past 6 months? You didn't bother with
him then and why NOW? Oh, and thanks for forgetting the other two nephews. LOL.

Pure guilt tactics. That's what that was. I asked my husband if he got texts from her and asked him what the deal was with talking to my son? He said that he did get some texts but he just deleted them without reading them.

So, I actually did respond to her message. I asked if I was being accused of something? Her husband replied (she had included him and my hubby in that message) that doesn't look like it to him, she just wants to talk to her brother.

I said Okay. As long as I'm not being accused of something I'm good to go.

So, she replies. And APOLOGIZES to me and tells me that she's sorry if I took it that way, but all she wants to do is talk to her brother and was asking for help from me in that so she could 'resolve' things...

I am no person's fool! You tossed MY CHILD into that so that you could attempt to guilt trip my husband and I'm 100% certain had he called so that she could talk to one of my three sons, she would have started blasting my husband about me.

What's to resolve honey? His silence is his answer to not wanting to deal with YOU.
The only resolution she wants is to do damage control by saying some more crazy stuff, to make herself look like a victim and try to convince him I'm a bad person.

Checkmate. You lose that battle. Grow up. Take care of your husband and your kids and let go. Your brother is happy. He's tired of the BS and drama and he's seen all your little messages to me, he's had his fill of hearing lies and false cruel accusations.

He loves you but right now he does NOT like you! SIGH.

And that's the end of that. I let that go from my life. I am no longer worried that my SIL is going to succeed in her desperate attempts to fracture my marriage. Honestly, I should never have been worried to begin with, because my husband has done nothing but be silent in the face of her hate and has regulated it out of our sphere of daily life.

:D For now.....who knows what's coming up next from her. Hopefully she actually sends a text that says: Brother. I messed up. I said a bunch of hurtful things. I want to move on from it and I apologize for it. I love you.

That's about the ONLY thing that is going to get him to reply. I have already apologized TO HER for blowing up at her, even though she f'n deserved it and
then some. I was protecting my family, the one she is trying to destroy. UGH.

anonsmom anonsmom
Jan 22, 2013