Can't Stand My Sister In All!!!

Well my sister in law has to be the most annoying, bitchy, fake, pathetic person ever!! i have been with my husband for nearly 3 years and to be honest i have never really like this girl at all..its my husbands siter and she is just sooo erghh. i had  live in the same house as her for a year and she just gets on my nerves soo much..i mean she is actually nice to my face (as she is to everybody) but behind peoples backs (and very most likely mine too) she is a snide, vindictive and just overall a ***** about everyone. i can't stand it. she makes everything about her! shes a real trouble maker and the night before i was going to be getting induced for labor with my husband and mines 1st child, she decided to go out, causesome trouble and get her stupid *** arrested.. all so she can be the one with the attention on her..she does this frequently and i was soo relieved when i finally moved out. infront of my baby daughter she would be very abusive (physically and verbally) to her parents( my in laws) and i would just want to run away and get me and my baby ot of that house..and i finally did and i am so happy to be away from her. i have tried to like her and i have tried to get on with her and see the good side of her but i just can't!it sounds so mean of me but to be honest i don't even want to try and like her any more.she drives me crazy!and i am just glad to see that i am not the only one who dislikes their sister in law!!!

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Glad that many ppl dislike her, means that you're not alone. Stay away from this crazy b***h.

We get married for almost 3 years and after wed my MIL and SIL lives with us. They dont even contribute any penny for either bills, foods, grocery... almost nothing. We both feed them and serve them. My in laws consider me as a slave. I'm only allowed to cook what they like and by the way they want. They use offend words to torture me when I do thing by my way. MIL always on SIL side, but my SIL is a horrible freaking *****! Both of them have been treated over me but my husband loves them so blindly, he have been known and seen how bad they are and how they rule our home but has no words protecting me. Recently, My MIL complainted him: "why did he choose a woman in USA to help him move to this country?" regardless of my presence. In his family union lunch, his relatives told me as a hen without eggs so I can not have children but he had no action against them. My endurance is now 0. I can never stay and feed these betrayal people any minute in my life. I strongly ask him to settle down with his family and ask them to leave. I dont know if he has enough gut to do this. He promises to tell them after my MIL come back after her tourism. Now, I am at parent's home and so disappointed. I feel i would divorce him if he can not solve the solutions because until now i do nothing wrong and bad to his family. They are abusive toxic in laws. Now, I just want to defence to have a better life. But i'm not sure my husband is able to do that. I dont want to continue living in hell. If he has no authority over his family, and still be a coward Mommy's boy. What should I do?

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my sister-in -law always criticized my dad when he was alive, and she asks like she knowsbetter than everyone else. i can't stand being around her, she is way to domineering and if you don't agree with her she gets mad like a 2 year old. it's either her way or the highway and i'd rather take the highway. i don't need any of her control or guilt. she is not worth getting my health upset over. she can get lost!

Are you sure we aren't being cheated on by our men and both have the same sister in law?!?!?!? OMG mine is the SAME way. EVERYTHING must be about her. Even me being pregnant(6months so far) is about her and how shes going to be an aunt and her daughter(whom she verbally and physically abuses and is only 3) is going to have a cousin. She always tries to talk **** about everyone with me but stopped because I'd shut her down and tell people what she said. Shes a slob and seriously expects people to swoon over her and her daughter.

IF you have seen her verbally and physically abuse her it is YOUR legal obligation to report the abuse to the police.

wow listening to this... I feel you! I have the worst sis in law. she smiles real big and goes to church and talks about god but is the biggest backstabber I have ever met. She always plays stupid "oh I didn't mean to disrespect you" blah blah. This girl still invites my husbands ex gf to family parties even though she knows it bothers us. His ex was a total menace in our relationship for the entire first year. We now have two children and barely go to see his family. It's unfortunate but they talk so much **** about us why would we want to go over there? It realy sucks:(

it got so bad that I had to block her on fb, when I first met her with her husband he gave me a compliment and she didn't like it, maybe if she'd fix her effing hair and hit the gym once in a lifetime she wouldn't have gotten mad at me for taking care of myself, I am not sorry that I take care of my skin, hair and workout often, lately she's been searching to find out where I live, we've refused to give her our address, she's the kind that likes to pop over and control everything, when we left her wedding early because we had somewhere important to be she had to be a drama queen and use her emotions to try to control us, she pretended to have a panic attack, to be honest she could have had one for all I cared, we still left, she'll grow 2 nuts and get over it.

Oh and she can't stand the fact that I have long, professionaly dyed hair, cute clothes, and can actually do my make up

She sounds like my sister in law who just so happened to be Caucasian, fat, lazy, controlling, know it all, nosy, vindictive, competitive and jealous because she doesn't workout and eat healthy like me when her husband does, she has spread lies about me in the past and I'm done with her. I've been done for a while now and don't plan to ever speak to her again, she just had a baby and I feel sorry for the child, when we went to the wedding I could tell her dad didn't want her to marry a black guy, she should have listened to her dad. I have never experienced a white chick being weird with me like that but this is the first time, I have 2 white girlfriends who are beautifully confident in themselves. I no longer claim her or speak to her and don't plan to ever change that.

I can so relate to you ladies. My sis in law is a back stabber and jealous, vindictive. Things was really rocky for a very long time. We was once close, well I thought we was until she became a back stabber. In this past week I realize my husband family and sister just don't like me. From all the nose turning up at me and the whispering im done. I had to tell my husband I wash my hands of his family. Talking about me in me and my husband home. No more trying on my part. I deleted his sis and one of his cousin off my facebook page and if the other cousin don't like the can delete me too. I don't care. She always trying to make me look bad to all my husband other family. I can't stand my sis law...

"Sigh..........." Most of this sounds so familiar...... My prob is with my Husbands Brothers Wife. She is a nightmare.

Well I can certainly relate to pinky and the rest of sister in law is a version of the same she is a slob emotional wreck that tries to look like she knows everything and is together....she just plain sucks...ahhh well hopefully one day she won't be so involved with her brothers life (my husband) after all forbid she sees that her friggin problems and whinning cause interuption with us ITS ALL ABOUT HER SHE IS MISERABLE THEREFORE EVERYONE HAD TO BE...BTCH....

oh yes betina....same here, my sis in law....she has got problems in her she just cant stand the bond i have wid my husband..she always tries one way or the other to spoil our relationship....she is the perfect example of a *****...........super duper *****

Thankfully in the past few months raggady Ann has got herself more in place. She is not a bother as she was. And I so hope her BS is over with...........I hope all of you get less stressed from yr inlaws for life itself can be hard enough without these selfish immature ******* to deal with

i just read ur story it sounds like mine iam so sorry we have to deal with such witches i wish they all vanish from this world so as all the in lows mine sucks badly i dont know what to do with them

Aww A log of that sounds like my sister - in - law as well! Sorry you have to deal with it!

She sounds like my sister in law. <br />
I'm sorry man. I just wish mine would "poof, disappear" too. It would be better for everyone...including her kids.

Maybe if we all wished real hard all these BTCHS would disappear...LOL WOW SO NICE IF IT COULD BE...

Girl I feel you. My fiance' and I have lived with his brother and his fiance' for over 3 years and we have fought like cats and dogs a few times she and I. I can't stand her vendictive ways, I have given her so much stuff and she never gives me **** in return EVER. I mean expensive Salon Hair care products, jewelry.. etc. she's just an out of control *****. the last time we got in a fight she said I broke her glasses.. but they weren't broke that night it took a week for them to break and she made us pay part of her bill so she could get contacts. UGH I can't wait to move out of here and get away from her. She keeps her laundry in the washer & dryer for days not doing anything with it , meanwhile my clothes are piling up waiting for her to get her **** out so I can do our laundry... she makes smart *** comments and If I say anything back I look like the bad guy.

I would end up divored or in jail...can you and hub save up some money and maybe move away from them? good luck

I dont know if stay away from them is the best solution. If you hub is a bold spine man, it's fine. Otherwise, i think we dont need to expect much.

I really sympathize with ya! I recently got married in April this year and i entered, what seems to be, the family from hell! My sister in law is all those things you described and much more. From the moment my husband (then boyfriend and fiance) told his family about me and the prospect of getting married, they have been nothing but gossipy and vindictive towards me. It really seems that one has to communicate with them as one will with a child; their actions are so puerile. I can't even begin to tell anyone how frustrated I am by all this. My husband is my confidant, but I don't want to stress him out any further. He has tried profusely to get his parents to understand what we as a newly wed couple have been enduring under his sister's deceit, but it has all been in vain. Instead, they are all blaming us for what is happening to his family. If we were such horrible people, why isn't the same schism happening in my family?