Help?! Shes a *****!

Okay so 2 years ago my brother was dating this girl and at first she was really nice to me and my family. We never really talked much before then. Then about a year ago she got pregnant and her and my brother got married but not a traditional wedding because she already had a traditional wedding before. So when she was pregnant I asked her if I could feel the baby kick because I like to do that when people are pregnant ( i don't know why I just do.) anyways she said "No! You can't!" and I didn't say anything. And every time I wanted to do something or talk to my brother, she would always be up his ***. She has to be near my brother at all times. Its so ******* annoying and I don't know how my brother can possibly breathe. So she had her baby and when my brother and my sister-in-law would come to our house, she would always leave empty trash everywhere and diapers and baby food **** all over our house and I got so pissed off one day I ******* threw all her trash in her purse. I'm so sick and tired of picking up her ******* trash and messing up my house. My brother and his wife also had some money problems and my parents gave them a lot of money. I never heard one thank you out of her mouth. She is also very rude to my mother. and I don't think that's fair because my mom gives them so much money I just want to slap her. my mom dosent say anything to her face, but i want to! My mom also threw and expensive First Birthday for her baby and she never said thank you to us. I have never had a conversation with her I wish that she was nice. I try to talk to my brother about it but he dosent understand. I don't know it ****** my off so much you dont even know.

What should I do? How should I tell her that what shes doing is rude and wrong?

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My SIL got herself pregnant the first time she had sex with my brother. He had been gifted an African fertility doll and boing it's on with the neighbour. (She was his next door neighbour). Apparently the condom broke. Because she was from a strict Catholic family abortion was out of the question. So he ends up looking after her, behind her back he is ranting and raging about how pissed off he is with being trapped by her and the guilt he felt about leaving her with a kid. So he's got a decent quality about him, not that you'd know it now after spending nearly twent y years with the *****. At this point I can't say any more, least of all to say that their behaviour has driven a wedge completely destroying our family. All I can sayis what a **** to be so thoughtless to cause problems like she has for family members of the guy she so thoughtlessly got pregnant to. The child is still at high school and she's 20 this year. Serious developmental problems caused by her undermining mother.

So- just curious- it seems there are more issues with "brothers wife" rather than "husbands sister" am I correct? Because I have to say my husbands sister is clingy, intrusive, lazy, and needy. My brothers wife, I love her, always have, even when I was single. I don't always agree with how she operates but she has done nothing to me personally nor has she put anyone's life in danger so I stay out of it. So before I ask for advice I just want to know if this board is more one over the other.

I totally agree with you. It sounds like your sister in law could use a lesson in manners. People do not understand that when you marry someone you are not just marrying that person you are marrying into a family, and personally if you do not like their family than you should of talked to your spouse to be before the wedding. I am so sorry that your SIL is a *****. my husband's brother's ex wife was a total nightmare.

It's you, not your SIL who is b****. Why don't you mind your own business. I can sympathise with your SIL, poor her for having to deal with someone like you who is so controlling and interfering in her marriage. And your approach to her is just sick. Thumbs down to you

You must of not read her whole story. Her sister in law is being disrespectful to her and her mother. I agree with the author of that post. Her sister in law needs a class in manners.

I love the purse idea!!! I was thinking of slipping an open bottle of Buck and Rut in my Bitchter- in Laws purse!!

Tell the ***** how u really feel, I did I had similar situation. Who cares about she will feel? She don't give a damn how you guys feel! Tell her straight how much u don't like her, trust me u will feel so much better. Your relationship with her is already f......up so what's going to change? Norhing you will get **** off your chest and she will know the truth.

mine is such a ***** whom takes emotional pleasure on treating my walking existence like her hatred and then preaches that she is the most fantasic person on earth. She's a social abuser and continues to be one. Even though I she still thinks her mental back thoughts hold prescidence in the metroplex and her family continues to treat me unfairly will always unconditionally love her kids my nieces.

but boy is she a *****! and my brother lets her walk and denounce everyone in his family. so I must say he girl **** you and your stupid alpha friends! your life ain't any better than mine!

Seduce ur brother and start ******* him. That will teach the *****.
Plus....I bet he ***** really good

I have read a lot of the comments on this and I am shocked that people think putting trash in some one's purse would be OK. That will just make things worse. I obviously have SIL issues because I am on this site. So I know what goes on, just because they are your brothers wife doesn't mean they are your punching bag. What is so eye opening to me is that by reading these posts I can see that I would probably fit the description of what you ladies would think is a b**$# keeping her husband away from his family.

And to a certain degree you would be correct. But before you judge me let me tell you why I avoid them like the plague. My issue is not a MIL issue. I am not crazy about my FIL because he is nasty to me when ever he has the chance to get me alone. I think he does this because he sees me as the odd man out. So I am the problem. Just recently he told me how fat I am out of the blue, in front of my daughter home on college break. I smiled at him and thank him for the yearly Christmas insult.

Now let me explain my SIL issues. I have been with my husband for almost thirty years. 24 married, five dating. There was a time when we all got along. The problems started when two things happened. My BIL married, right at the time I gave birth to the 1st grandchild. My new SIL was not liked by my husbands sister. She tried very hard to fit in and of course all the attention that we were getting having the 1st baby in the family didn't help. So let the games begin! Initially the new SIL found a way to alienate my DH and I. It worked and some of it was my fault too. She and my other SIL formed a clique and excluded my DH and I from everything. My Mil & FIL not knowing what to do about even though they were aware just sat back and watched.

Let me give you an example of what has gone on. One year for some unknown reason they finally decided to invite us apple picking. Apparently they did this each year without us but this year was different. Wow, an olive branch, ok great. So we went at one point during the day I saw my SIL (DH sister) setting the kids up taking a group shot of all the grandchildren. We stopped picking apples and walked over so our kids could be included. We were told NO. First because there was no room. When I pointed out that we were in an apple orchard it was then explained that this was a yearly photo that they take, and as our kids (their blood FYI) were not in them in the past they didn't want them in it now. This was said right in front of my kids. I couldn't believe it! What a B**##.

My husband has also told me things they have said about me when he has gone to visit them. Of course they don't know that he told me, as I have always remained silent. This didn't go over well at all as you may imagine. Not for the reason you may think but because he never stood up for me in these situations. I have never confronted them because my DH has asked me not too. Recently other family members have noticed what is going on and have been telling my husband and I things that have been done and said behind our backs. The most recent were some negative comments about our son. That is what brought me here, because I am fixing to finally say something regardless of what the fall out is. Yet they wonder why we are not close, why they don't see us. Yeah, so I am sure that I am viewed as the evil SIL who keeps my family away from them. Because they will never own up to their s**##y behavior, two sides to everything people.

"she got pregnant and her and my brother got married but not a traditional wedding because she already had a traditional wedding before."
"So when she was pregnant I asked her if I could feel the baby kick because I like to do that when people are pregnant ( i don't know why I just do.) anyways she said "No! You can't!" and I didn't say anything."
"every time I wanted to do something or talk to my brother, she would always be up his ***. She has to be near my brother at all times. Its so ******* annoying and I don't know how my brother can possibly breathe."
"when my brother and my sister-in-law would come to our house, she would always leave empty trash everywhere and diapers and baby food **** all over our house and I got so pissed off one day I ******* threw all her trash in her purse. I'm so sick and tired of picking up her ******* trash and messing up my house."
"My brother and his wife also had some money problems and my parents gave them a lot of money. I never heard one thank you out of her mouth."
"She is also very rude to my mother. and I don't think that's fair because my mom gives them so much money I just want to slap her. my mom dosent say anything to her face, but i want to!"
"My mom also threw and expensive First Birthday for her baby and she never said thank you to us."
"I try to talk to my brother about it but he dosent understand"
"What should I do? How should I tell her that what shes doing is rude and wrong?"

Its not just unmarried sils who get jealous, mine is married but has some weird sick incestuous thing going on and wants to have her brother all to herself. She tries to get between me and my husband and says nasty things about me to him all the time. He didnt speak to her for years and then i said we should get back in touch cause family is family and now it is starting all over again.

Sorry but thats bullshit about unmarried sis in laws being a *****.i ws always really tight wirh my brothers. One two years older than me other 4. I never knew my dad so they always protected me. They would never introduce me to their girls or any family members coz they used to play girls.i used to wish I meet their wives to be so we could go out have fun etc. Okay at the same time they both got into serious relationship. The family of one of my sis in law were so difficult. They didn't agree in letting her marry my bro. My mum begged them for her sons sake. So they agreed. She spent everything on her wedding literally. It was her first son. Slowly slowly this ***** started getting greedy and asking for things from my brother like money and expensive jewellery. My bro would say he needs money from my mum. Then she started calling me jealous ***** when I confronted her about it. She told my brother I chat **** about her to ppl . I just hate her so much. A long with mt brother. He is so fake. Just coz hes in love he dont see her shitt. And she laughs at us the fact that shes got him under control. So many arguments happened. Even though it was their fault. I went to him today and said im sorry for being a ***** but shes equally to blame. But instead he told mw to f off. Hes really hurt me.i jus wish I died.

This is how my husbands sister puts me out aswell. It's heir relationship he likes it or wouldn't be with her. In laws and family just need to mind their own bussiness.

I have the opposite problem, my sister in law is a ***** to both her brother (my spouse) and I. We cut her out of our lives, (for 6 months) but this didn't go well because my mother in law was super upset, practically depressed, because we weren't talking/seeing my SIL. My mother in law called my spouse crying, we felt terrible, so we have started interacting with my SIL again. But I can't stand her. She makes up lies, is vindictive and steals from us. I have spoke with her about our issues.. It did not go so well. She blew up and twisted my words and I ended up looking like I did something wrong. She is her fathers daughter and can't do any wrong in his eyes, so it just created problems between him and I. My mother in law sees her more clearly, but makes excuses for her (she's hard, she's tough, she is unhappy with her life etc.) and while I see her point, I cannot deal with the headaches. Anyways... I have no idea what to do about her.. I feel torn between my sanity and keeping the peace in the family.

I can totally relate...My sis in law is a b***. She smothers my brother & his kids. She brain washers my nieces & nephews. She keep them away from their own family & their biological mother. If my brother can't see her for who she is then he deserves to have her hit him & treat her like trash...I can't stand ignorate people. She totally uses him for his money & she would be on the streets with out him. I say it's time for the trash to be taken out!!!

are there any comments from women who actually have a married brother, who are also married and have sisters in law of their own? because it seems the unmarried sisters are the ones having problems with their brother's wives - and it looks like jealousy

It's not jealousy if you just wanna keep in touch with your own brother....geez....though I guess we should be mad with our dumba$$ brothers as well lol. Trust me though, if you met my sil you wouldn't like her either. Have no idea how she got lucky enough to get with my brother....he could do sooo much better. And that's not my opinion, that's just fact!

how would you like it if your husband's sis said the same thing about you? that she had no idea how you got with her brother? and you're probably not married, so you don't understand that if you want to have a lifelong relationship with your brother, you have to at least try to be nice to his wife - they're a unit and come as a package...i wonder why she suddenly stopped being nice to you and your family. was it because you treated her like **** from the beginning and let her know how you felt about her "not being good enough" for your brother? hmmmm

i have a brother, and we were extremely close while growing up. he's been with his fiancee for the past 4 and a half years and you know what? the relationship i have with my brother has evolved into something that's even stronger than before - because i understand and accept the fact that my brother comes as a two-person package - and i genuinely love his fiancee. i call her my sister. we go out. and honestly, i think that wouldn't have been able to happen if i'd had your attitude - that she wasn't good enough for my brother. my husband's younger sister is like that, and you know what? my husband and her are no longer close - even though i encourage him to bring her out and i ALWAYS step aside to let her spend time with him when we visit the in laws. my husband says he just feels she isn't putting him first by constantly talking **** to his wife and running his kids down. if she loved him really, she'd make an effort. instead she doesn't see us as a single unit and likes to tell me i'm not part of their family because i don't share their blood. i'll never let my kids get close to the *****, that's for sure. as far as i'm concerned, their aunt is my brother's wife - agreed on by husband who can no longer stand her bullying - she has gone so far as to tell him to his face he had no backbone for marrying me when he could do so much better. in front of everyone. another time she threatened to hit him. in front of everyone. i wonder if you do that too?

nope mom i\'m sorry not married but you HAVE GOT TO SEE THAT THERE ARE TWO COINS TO THE PROBLEM. My brothers wife has endlessly gone through dire straights to keep me from being emotionally happy. Loss of jobs and gets her family to treat my existence like a can of s. h. i. t I don\'t care if she is married to my brother because you know I think he enjoys the psychological abuse. Just because a woman has a child doesn\'t give her the right to treat a good woman like me like her yesterday\'s garbage. i know what these ******** do. they are SOCIAL ABUSERS1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 More Response comments from different persons....All i can say don't disrupt your peace of not want to comment who is wrong or right.....bottomline is maintain your dignity,and keep your relation one to one.If your sil and you dont gel well ....just leave and move not keep negativity in your mind....just feel she came from different set of value system.And you cannot change anybody's deep rooted value system but you should <br />
be rooted to ur value system without any ill feelings for your sis in law.God Bless!!!

My sister inlaw is such a little ***** cause my younger brother he is only 9 years old and he comes home at 9:00 at midnight after school and I just came home at 4:30 cause I get out of school at 3:45 and u the bus came late 4 us and it came at 4:25 so I got on the bus and went home and when I got home at 4:30 she said where have u been have u been at ur friends house? And I said no the bus came late but she didn't believe me so she started whipping my *** so that is why she is such a *****!

OK I do understand where you are coming from. Its not that I hate my sister in law but put it this way I do not trust her and unfortunately a few weeks ago I told her and we have not seen her since so some time not only will I have to meet her again and we do not know how she will react but she is waiting for confirmation from her doctor that she can try for a baby as she is not a well girl and takes lots of pills. I just know that if she manages it once she is expecting she is just going to go on about it but yet if any of us have a problem then we can never be as bad as her she just winds me up. I try to keep out of her way for as long as possible but I do have to talk to her sometimes. Honestly I so wish my brother and her had never met.


I actually disagree. This is how my bf's sister makes me out to be. And his mother told me herself that her own daughter is probably jealous that I have someone that loves me like how her brother does. And his sister is telling all of his relatives who live in another country false accusations about me and they all started attacking me online and threatening my family whom they don't know! She said im worthless and uneducated and thats why i am going to be alone for he rest of my life. Pffft! But I thank his mother for all that she has done for us all the time! She is he best mother in law(not legal yet) ever! I could've never ever asked for a better mother in law. So I think that you should butt out and leave her alone. She's Probably not what you make her out to be. You're probably the one that has issues sweety! I mean I would go on about her life but I don't want to brag about how great my life is compared to hers... Hehe....

i think you are not wrong all sister in laws are ****** ******* so either put up with it mate or tell her to back off

i think you are not wrong all sister in laws are ****** ******* so either put up with it mate or tell her to back off

agree with the ganging up comment, sounds like a bunch of nasty SIL's. <br />
<br />
I know where your coming from about the wierd SIL, I actually introduced my brother to a girl who once went to my school, they hit it off and got married. oh boy did she show her true colours after getting hitched, she's messed my brothers head around and made him think he was a worthless low life when he married her and she was too good for him, that now he must listen to everything her and her conniving vile mother tell him to do or he's a mama's boy. unbelievable considering my parents dont even live in the country, have given them a house, and a gorgeous car. <br />
<br />
ive always been nice to her and now my sister told me shes mad at me because im making a cake for her newborn sons party, apparantly she's going to have a word with me to warn me off because she wants her sister to make a cake :-/ her melodramatic attitude to everything really is sickening. my sister is getting engaged to a successful dr soon and shes is constantly telling her and everyone else shes non compatable and desperately trying to break it off because the guy is wonderful to top it off rich and successful. the spiteful b****. <br />
<br />
i dont know where women like this get their kicks, seriously, i always thought people should try to get on and make happy memories together, my brother himself is quite a successful guy career wise and I am thankful he is waking up to the fact that his wife is a controlling *****. <br />
<br />
for all you nasty, vile, vindictive SIL's who are filthy maggots infesting decent peoples lives GET A LIFE!

I sooo empathize with you. Jealous, vindictive, melodramatic..check, check, check. It's outrageous. I'm glad your brother is "waking up" as you put it. That you say waking up to the fact that she is a controlling B****, a month before they were married, my brother called it off for that reason. He told my mom he couldn't handle it. But since she "OOppsy" had a hole in her diaphram (who even uses those anymore??), my brot really wanted stay together, work it out, and be a happy family. From what I've heard (just recently) from a mutual friend, my brother becomes fed up with his wife's antics, but stays away rather than confront her. I was just told by this friend that my SIL doesn't want me around her nephews:( Meanwhile, she..I can't even finish, I'm so upset. I never say anything to her. I can't. She would just yell and scream and rip me apart and keep me further away from my nephews and brother. And the rest of my family. When I do see her when I visit, I am nice and that's all I can do, I guess. I can't change her. I wish she would somehow wake up, herself, but it will never happen. She's not capable. And I am with you 100% about making happy family memories:( It hurts my heart so badly that this isn't happening. And won't happen. I personally think a big part of why she excludes us, is because she and her family are big drinkers and mine are not. She has broken bones because of her drinking even. I think she wants to be able to be her foul, drunk self and being around us, she feels she can't.

I don't know why everybody is ganging up on this woman? A bunch of meany SILs? Myyyy SIL is mean, drinks too much, keeps the kids from my family, comes up with "reasons" to justify her rude, obnoxious, avoiding behavior and then blows it (the "reason") out-of-proportion. She rarely invites any of us to her family functions, kids b-day parties, holidays....nor shows up to our functions. On the rare occasion that she does, she is loud, drinks like a fish, and is out the door before she gets in. She certainly doesn't mind borrowing money, my mom's car, spending my brother's inheritance etc. <br />
<br />
I live in another state...she and my brother and kids live TWO miles from my parents. I know she is bipolar (easy to see) and I should feel sorry for that, but there are NO excuses for her behavior and attitude. My brother is starting to soooound like her. We are twins and he and I were VERY close until they moved in together. Suddenly, it was HER house and she called the shots. Now that they are married with 3 children (my brother adopted her sweet child from a previous relationship), she barely acknowledges that we exist. No thank you notes. No return calls. They all spend Christmas with HER family..eve and day. As well as Thanksgiving, Easter etc. etc. I think we spent ONE Thanksgiving with them. I don't understand. My mother cries constantly. It's impossible to talk to my brother. He has shut me out completely. He blames my relationship with her on me. I get along with everybody. I am nice to everybody. I'm laid-back, sociable. She loves having these "reasons" to hate us...she loves that she finally found SOMEthing to back up her outrageous behavior (in her mind). I loathe her. Not dislike, loathe. I've never felt such disdain for someone. We are not a family and it is so sad. <br />
<br />
The girlfriend he had before this controlling, loud-mouthed, bizo came into my brother's life, was sweet and kind and included us in everything and they didn't even live together. She came on vacations with us, invited us to dinner, she and I talked and laughed and just liked one another. She and my brother even decorated a little room for me for when I came home to visit. I could come over when I wanted to etc etc. My grandma, aunt, parents, and me (our only family on our side really) are just devastated. We don't know what to do. I feel like she has turned my brother against us all. My nephews spend tons of time with HER sister, and HER parents....ALL her family. We are like s***. <br />
<br />
She has even stated that she will not do anything that anyone wants her to do. "That's just how I am". As if change isn't possible. We are humans..and humans evolve, grow, learn, compromise. Alright, I need to ixnay...I just got off the phone with my crying mom who hasn't seen her grandchildren since May :/

wow! I feel for ya, especially since this sounds like a lot like my future....My brother's fiance has made my mom cry several times. All because my mom refused to watch their dog while they were away because he bit my 90 year old grandmother (she's on blood thinners so their was blood everywhere)! Ever since then she's been the biggest b****! My brother actually got in a big argument with her over the phone because she was pressuring him to come over to her family's house when he was visiting us on my dad's birthday! I mean, wtf! who does that? We hardly ever see him anymore. I'm sure when they have kids she'll make sure of it that we don't see them hardly at all.

My mom loved her btw as did the rest of my extended fam. (including my 90 year old grandma that got bit by their dog). But we've all found out that she's basically two-faced. The family is literally distraught over this :(
I don't why some people on here seem to think it's always the family's fault instead of the new wifey!

Stop being a such a *****! Mind your business, stop spoiling your brothers life with his wife. How would you feel if your mom had a sister in law like you? Mind your life & live your life, stop being so jealous of your sister-in-law. You might have known ur brother since u r a kid, but remember, in the end the only person who would by your brother side is his life partner, not parents, siblings or children & same is the case for you. For God's sake, allow your bro & sil to lead a happy life & u mind ur life!

Stop being a such a *****! Mind your business, stop spoiling your brothers life with his wife. How would you feel if your mom had a sister in law like you? Mind your life & live your life, stop being so jealous of your sister-in-law. You might have known ur brother since u r a kid, but remember, in the end the only person who would by your brother side is his life partner, not parents, siblings or children & same is the case for you. For God's sake, allow your bro & sil to lead a happy life & u mind ur life!

How is it not a good thing to bring it up to the brother? If nothing is brought up, nothing changes. Making the family more estranged...

your siblings will be there for you when your wife or lover isn't. Nothing comes before blood. You are an idiot. If she cannot respect his family, then she doesnt TRULY love him. Oh and I didn't see a lick of jealousy in her letter, she tried to be a good sister and sister in law, but got ostrasized by the wife. Oh and, from someone whos been there, you're wrong on who will always be there for him. His sister will be there for him when the ***** gets a wild hair up her *** and leaves him. Wives come and go, BLOOD IS FOREVER

yup, which is what the ***** SIL wants. they're kind like to drive families apart, because they're mentally unbalanced. Then when she cheats and leaves him, he'll have to repair his relationships with his sister and parents. Some of you may think your wife loves you unconditionally, and if she does, you're a lucky bastard. You should know though, even if she does, your parents love you MORE. and your sister(s)/brother(s) have no choice in the matter. You are BORN bonded to them. If the SIL needs to be the only one loved by her husband, thats not healthy. its a sign of an unbalanced mind.

Blood forever yeah because u never chose it!
Wives try to protecct their husbands from manipulating user sisters and other negative people it is just frustrating when they don't want to See THe REaliTy!!!

I never comment on these things but I have news for you. You sound just like my sister in law, just like her! I have been married for over 24+ years and have seen many changes to my DH family. He is the oldest of his siblings both of which are very spoiled and self centered people.

My sister in law and I were once very close, I have been in her life since she was very young, as I am older than her. As she grew older her personality changed, she is all about herself, she is a me- me- me person now. When my BIL got married things got worse, my two SIL became very close, started an adult clique and have basically left us out of most family functions. They do this by not inviting us or calling literally just before the event. When we are included it is made known, sometimes quietly, other times blatantly that we are on the outside. Case in point we were at a family function when a group photo was taken of all the grandchildren. When I brought my two kids (the oldest of the grandchildren) over to get in the picture, I was told by my SIL that there was no room in the picture for my kids. We were in an apple orchard! Really are you kidding me? She then explained that she didn't want them in it as this was an annual picture that her and her other brother do of their kids and our kids have not been in the other pictures (excluded) so we were not wanted in this one. This was right in front of my kids, their niece and nephew. Now they wonder why my kids won't take pictures with them and blame me. Does that sound like BLOOD is THICKER to you? This is their blood that they excluded!

Just because you are BORN BONDED doesn't mean that they are good, caring people, with your best interest at heart! I have siblings of my own, both of which are challenging at times. I know it's difficult to get along with different personalities. The difference is that I would never treat their kids the way they have mine. Sad thing is that my kids are now young adults and I can not shield them from their nonsense anymore. My MIL/FIL are getting older when they are gone these two nit wits that are "Bonded" to my husband will have top reap what they have sown. They have created a clique, and excluded one of the "bonded". Yay, that's a loving natural family thing to do! Aren't they bonded to my kids? If nothing but by blood line?

I will tell you that it is highly uncomfortable to be in a family that you know if anything happened between my husband and I they would be thrilled. That after 24+ years of marriage they would be happy to see me go. That if anything happened to my husband tomorrow that my so called extended family would not be there for us. I know this already as my daughter was in a near fatal car accident recently, no calls, no cards, no hey, how is she doing? Yet, you make comments that the wives cheat and leave. LOL I can't see why. Maybe they get sick of all the "BONDING by BIRTH" and finally decide F***! it have him back!

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I disagree here. There was so much said in between her pleas for help.<br />
<br />
Advocating this childish behavior may cause it to continue.<br />
<br />
She's not up his ***, she is his WIFE, and you need to butt out of their marriage. It sounds to me like you are jealous and controlling. <br />
<br />
Many times, sisters in law view marriage of a brother as if the woman is another woman. She is not "the other woman". She's not taking your place. She is his WIFE and she deserves some respect.<br />
<br />
Nobody can take your place, or your mother's. <br />
<br />
What kind of a person treats someone the way you treated her? Why throw trash in her purse? Sounds to me like you have much more of a problem than she has. That action says a lot more about what kind of control freak you are, than how she is.<br />
<br />
If she's rude to your mother, then it is your mother's place to discuss it with her. That is not your place. If your mother chooses not to, respect that. You can't control the whole world.<br />
<br />
Your sister in law does not owe you any thanks for your parents' loan. She owed it to whoever loaned her money. You are not supposed to hear her say thank you. What, do you want her to dote on them for weeks? It's hard enough to ask. Any parent knows that a daughter in law who asks for money has already humbled herself. I'm sure she thanked them. Why assume different?<br />
<br />
You are one of those sisters in law who try turning the tables onto the poor wife. <br />
<br />
I counsel ladies like you all the time.<br />
<br />
Sick, twisted, are probably causing your brother a terrible time by playing the victim and making him feel like he's torn between his wife and you.<br />
<br />
Stop playing the victim. You're not the victim. <br />
<br />
He shouldn't have to be. You need to BACK OFF and let him live his life with his wife. Sticking your nose in, interfering in his marriage. <br />
<br />
What kind of person goes behind a wife's back to talk to her husband about her? <br />
<br />
You have said far more about yourself than you have about her. <br />
<br />
Sounds like the poor thing is probably fed up for a good reason.<br />
<br />
Back off. Leave them alone. Accept the time you do see him and don't raise issues with his marriage. <br />
<br />
During the ceremony, the preacher probably asked if anyone had something to say, say it, or to forever hold their peace. Please, follow through on your actions. Forever hold your peace. It has no place in your brother's marriage.<br />
<br />
You are probably very young. You will learn, with age, that interfering in fellow family members' marriages never cures the issues. They will either work out, or not, but you should have no hand in it either way. <br />
<br />
Stay out of it. Leave him alone. See him when you can and enjoy it, but never, ever, interfere, say bad things or bring up his marriage or his wife. If you don't like her, then don't be friends with her. Go your own way.

Your really nasty in your reply to this lady. Maybe back off, she is entitled to her opinion. And maybe her sister in law is a *****, and her brother is too stupid to see it. I mean sister in laws can be such pieces of ***** and give a person a helping hand and they can take your whole arm... I feel sorry for the woman you counsel. You have no empathy at all.

Your probably a nasty sister in law... sound like a nasty sil!

totally agree with you!

you must be one of those younger sisters who are single and have no dates on saturdays, staying home all weekend long moping about their brother

Um, the writer was his sister prior to marrying the *****. You are obviously a self absorbed ***** yourself and you haven't learned, his wife is a controlling self centered *****, case closed, I am not a kid, I'm middle aged, probably older than you, and you sound like another worthless opinionated ***** too. So why don't you shut the **** up and learn to be a descent human being and not a bitchy hateful woman that frankly, THE REST OF US ARE ******* SICK OF.

or just a sibling that sees a bad marriage and a controlling evil wife.... you must be one of those SILs who poisons her husband against his family, or more likely, a divorce who's husband got sick of it. Like my X. If you are my X, drink a glass full of cold water and broken glass and choke *****.

Ok well all i can say is that was rude and you sounded really stuckup and b****y saying its her fault. she cant help that her sister in law doesnt know how to say thank you to her parents for giving them money, doesnt know how to pick up after herself, and is basically a ***** you didnt help at all with her problem you just unnecassarily made her feel bad about herself, which she shouldnt. The sister should be able to talk to the brother without the wife getting up in thier buisness. The wife should be able to pick up after herself, and the parents should be thanked because their giving them money. you need to get your head out of your *** and post some helpful advice instead of hateful. just because your a doctor doesnt mean you know every thing. i personally would hate to have you as a doctor because your always turning around and pointing your finger at the one who needs help.

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wow, im so so sorry! she sounds like a nightmare! i feel like she's totally taking advantage of the whole family..especially<br />
your parents, maybe you should take her out to dinner and just genuinely sincerely and respectfully tell her how you feel. just sit her down and let her know, tell her she doesnt have to respond...just make her listen to you. i hope she doesnt limit your time with your niece or are the aunty, and it sounds like you are an awesome one too! handle it girl! hehe take care and good luck!