Two to Tangle.

I have 2 sils. Yay me :(   I don't like either one of them. They are horrible, vendictive, vicious, trolls, who take up space and air they don't deserve. In fact, I don't like anyone except my fil ( who's divorced and remarried) and my stepMil, and their family. My family cannot stand my husbands side, and they think they should fall off the face of the earth. Both of the sils are a triplet (blah, blah, blah) The first sil supposedly has some kind of immune disease. I went to school with her before I dated and married her older brother (LOL) and she was always running around the school and laughing and joking around.  She was always buzy doing something. The first time I went to the house (the 3 mistakes are 21 and still live with mommy and have no jobs) she showed up downstairs in a wheelchair. I couldn't help but laugh. I kept my mouth shut and tried to be nice. As soon as we got out of there, I asked my DH (now) why she was in a wheelchair. He explained that this makes him sick. Although she does have something wrong, it's not near what they make it out to be. She takes the wheelchair everywhere so they can have handicap parking, get good seats places, and go to Disney World and conferences for FREE! Oh yes, she's even been given a wish from Make a Wish...which I thought was suppose to be something special for terminally ill children. The next time she popped off at me and tried to attack me, I pointed out she got her Wish (which was a trip to Paris, France with like 8 paid vacations for the family- give me a BREAK) so WHEN was she going to die-lol. Anyway, it's the typical stuff with both of them. They flat out wrote letters saying that my husband was making the biggest mistake of his life. They got physically sick at their stomachs when they thought about the wedding, they said they would never approve of me...spread rumors of a false pregnancy and abortion, destroyed my reputation at college, and so on and so on. Kicker is, The MIL is FAR WORSE....

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Thanks for the comment liabijoux. Bless your heart. The rest of the story is, My husband does not like them either. His family was abusive and my MIL encouraged the triplets to do the same. My Husband wants nothing to do with them anymore, but he feels it is unnatural not to have contact with your own mother and siblings. Our entire family (my side and husband's other side included) named them this b/c MIL asked for fertility drugs in order to have multiples after 2 months of trying. It's always been about them, and they'll tell you so. It would be one thing if it was the typical jealousy or competitiveness on either side, and I would have to admit that I was going overboard. However, this crew is a real piece of work. They play everyone like a fiddle, and use guilt trips to get what they want. We just decided to cut off all contact. And yes, I do feel this way sometimes, hence the group name, I hate my sister-in-law.

No offense, but you don't sound too nice yourself;<br />
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"horrible, vendictive, vicious, trolls, who take up space and air they don't deserve"<br />
<br />
"the 3 mistakes" <br />
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That's pretty harsh words to describe your husbands siblings. The things you seem to hate them for have nothing to do with you (the ones immune 'disease') it's not hard to understand why they don't like you - you may "keep your mouth shut and try to be nice" but your hate for them is undeniable.