Ugh! Permanent Verbal Diarhoea and Me Me Me!

I quite liked her when I first met her.  She seemed pretty friendly.  Then she broke up with her hubby just as I was getting married to her brother.  SEVENTEEN YEARS LATER she still won't let it go and move on.  Every crime he committed has been written in blood and stored away in her memory to be recalled when she's doing one of her Poor Victimy Me stories.  But it's not that.  It's the fact she will not shut up.  Ever.  I think she has Attention Deficit Disorder. With added verbal diarrhoea.  She talks in an endless stream of witter witter witter, not saying anything - her monologues have  no beginning no middle and NO END.  I could say, and have "I have cancer" and she'd reply: "Oh I know just how you feel, I thought I had cancer once but it was an ingrowing toenail and anyway it was so funny but then bla bla bla . . ."  Ten people can be in the room but gradually they will all fall silent and only her voice can be heard going on and on and on.

Oh and I could even forgive that but I found out a while ago that she'd been bitching about me behind my back.  And referring to my little girl as 'fat'.  I confronted her and pointed out that 4 year olds are developing eating disorders and my baby is not fat.  But sil is far too thin and has eating issues so anyone who doesn't look bony is 'fat' to her.  I got really angry and said if my girl developed an eating disorder I'd be sending the bill for her treatment to her.  For once she shut up.  No doubt she's twisting the story to make me sound like a loon but since I haven't heard from her for a while do I care?  Do I hell.




Eviemuff Eviemuff
Mar 22, 2009