I Hate My Pig Sister-in-law

She's a pig and a big fat pig who never get out of my life. Although she was working abroad now I can still feel how I hate that b-i-t-c-h. Anyway I also wanted to post this story to the "I hate my mother in law" but I don't know if I was capable of hating her because she's already 75 years old and she don't meddle between with us ( my wife and me ) too much but she only uses "emotional blackmail".  You know, the "I wanted to die! co'z nobody cares!" stuffs that comes from her mouth whenever she wanted to have something or just wanted to enslave my wife. Oh! my poor wife, she's always afraid to displease her mother.

Although my in-laws are not obviously manipulative, what they are doing is taking advantage of my wife's too-much-love for them so it is even harder for me to cut the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is actually realistic because I'm the one who feed her mother and her nephew and also her sister-in-law(SIL) when she was still living with us and another good-for-nothing old bachelor brother-in-law. The reason why I hate the b-i-t-c-h (SIL) is that she wanted us to shoulder her responsibilities to her son. My mother-in-law was living with us but in a separate apartment with my SIL's son. my MIL took the responsibility on raising the child and of course me and my wife shared much of the burden. But in fairness, my SIL also gives financial support to my MIL and her son but it was not enough. The fact is, in her 4 years working abroad, it's only last year on June she gave financial support monthly.  Before it was every 3 months or every 6 months.  So me again to the rescue. Thanks to her, again I'm drowning in credit card debts.

Now the more serious problem....my wife is too attached to her sister and mother including her nephew and not to mention her other brothers. Every little complain I say to my wife about our hardships because of our added responsibility, she always take it as offensive. She was too blind to realize our situation although sometimes she realized it but it was just temporary. Imagine, I only have one daughter but I feel like I'm raising ten kids because of the financial burden it creates.  I really don't know what to do now and I always swallow my pride whenever we have a quarrel about my in-laws just to save our marriage.  Sometimes I  think separation is the answer but when I contemplate,  I also thought that it might make the situation worse.  We've been married for twelve years and we are still in this situation. Anybody else having this wierd situation?     

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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

My husband was also very close tohis family and yes my mil and sil are still evil to the core When you marry you take vows to that person and begin a life of your own. I had to make my husband realize that before he would stand up to his family. I'm not saying everything is perfect but it is allot better. When you have to live with people that don't care about you and your marriage it's never easy but your wife has to remeber one day everyone will be gone and it will be only you and her, that's the relationship she has to put the most effort.