Fat, Lazy, Pathetic Slob of a Sil

I am really starting to want to choke her out every time i see her face (which is often since she lives next door)! My husbands sister is over 30 and her and her 2 kids (with different dads) live with her parents. This blob works 2 days a week and collects food stamps and every other benefit because she is too lazy to get her *** off the couch and stop eating...she doesn't even pay attention to her kids! Meanwhile, I am 9 months pregnant and still working full time! I can't stand everything about her-she smells, she butts in to our business, doesn't let my mil come over without her,eats like a slob, borderline neglects her kids, and then tries to give me parenting advice! ahhhhhhhhhh i wish she would grow up and move away!!!!!!!!!!

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My SIL is very very similar and completely understand. My SIL is 30+, over weight, lives free of charge in her in her parents rent house with no plan of buying her own home, is always in our business. Like you my MIL isn't allowed to come over without my SIL or speak to me when she is around. Everyone walks on egg shells not to upset her.<br />
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I understand you hating her. My sister makes my life a living hell. She gets a thrill out of playing this little game where she "schools" me on all the things she is into. Here is the thing I am not interested in her "advice."<br />
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You have a lot going on: baby coming, working full time. And you are not alone. I hope it gets better.

You are not alone, and I have a sister in law who is a slob, gold-digger, and lazy. Over the past nearly 2 decades my relationship with her in non existent. A sister in law generally is supposed to have your back. This is not the case. I feel sorry for her two children who have developed some of her traits. My mother does the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. She does not give a rat's tail about her and the family. I will be glad to get away from her and takes over the house. She and my brother will be headed to divorce court.

I hate my sil too!! The reason is she's always going out and leaving her kids with her parents. It wouldn't bother me so much if she went out on the weekend but she goes out during the week and then on the weekends too. She irritates the hell out of me. she's always at the ***** club, not that there's anything wrong with going there but when your a mother of 3 and doing crap like that on a tues. its just wrong. I can't stand her immature ways.

Glad to know I am not the only one who hates her sister in-law

yeah she seems like a *****, dont u just want to stab her smoetimes

This story is very funny. Don't plan on her moving anywhere. If you want to get away from her, your the one that's going to have to move. Just remember that when you insult her you are also inadvertantly insulting your husband and hurting his feelings (even if only slightly) Honestly, from what you've wrote - I feel sorry for her, she sounds quite honestly; pathetic. The last thing she needs is a SIL hating her and trying to bring her even furthur down than where she already is. Try to show her a little kindness, maybe develop some compassion for this lost woman, afterall, soon she will be your child's aunt.

I think that people need to be aware of how their actions impact other people, and this SIL obviously crosses boundaries without regard for how other people feel. It's time somebody let's her know how her being know-it-all and offers unsolicited advice, butting in other's business is not going to be tolerated.