Why Does She Have to Behave This Way??

I don't understand why she thinks she is still 16. She is 38 and has two kids. As a mother you should set an example on how to conduct yourself. She talks about me to every one on how I am trailer trash even though I have never lived in a trailer park. But she describes me as if she is talking about herself. Take a look at this photo her friend posted on myspace and tell me what you think.

She is the one on the right and her friend is on the left.

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My SIL talks to MY old HS friends (my brother's HS friends, too--I live in another state) about me a LOT, I've heard. I won't get into her and why I can't stand her, but she looks quite like your SIL. And acts, too, like she's a teenager; The drama, bad-mouthing, excluding my family, posting about drinking (which she does like a fish), keeping their kids from my parents and me...it goes on an on. She's atrocious. And clannish. Everything is about her and her family (holidays, vacations, time with kids, parties etc.)...they don't seem to like "outsiders" unless they are just like them. When we or my family ARE invited to something, it's then as if she doesn't have to talk to us for another 6 months. The worst of it is what it does to my mom, not seeing her grandchildren:( I wish I had children, I would allow my mom to be with them as much as she liked. The same would go for my imaginary husband's parents lol My brother and I had such wonderful relationships with our aunt and grandparents. I can't imagine had my mother kept my brother and I away from my dad's parents. I still mourn my paternal grandfather's death and it's been 18 years.

Both you and ducknugget99 have SILs just like mine. "She" lives in the same town as me while my brother is in Afghanistan. She has 2 children with her ex-BF that she sees on Wednesday nights and every other weekend, and my nephew. I got an "emergency" call from my brother at 2AM (from Afghanistan) 10 months ago. My SIL was trying to drive home drunk with my nephew in the back seat. I had to drive 30 minutes to her cousin's house and talk her down. Then I had to drive them both home, which was another 30 minutes. Sadly this was the norm- she's always in and out of court and jail, either for drug possession, DUIs (multiple), or assault. The next day she called and tried to laugh it off, but I told her it was unacceptable and she needed to get help. Her family threatened to lie about the incident if I called child protective services for my nephew. I sent her an email that outlined why I was upset and she unfriended me from my brother on FB (she has his password so she can make sure he doesn't talk to any other women- which is ironic since she's the one who has had multiple affairs). FB was the main way he and I were communicating. Yesterday I ran into her ex-best friend who told me that she is having an affair with her ex-BF and is worried that my brother will find out when he gets home on the 15th of February. I can only distance myself from her at this point and hope that my brother can watch out for his son! It is truly heartbreaking :(


Sounds like the step mom from 'A Cinderella Story' LOL

Who knows where her other kid is....I'm surprised theat there is even one around her cause she doesn't know how to be a mother!

one, she should not be wearing that bikini. and two, is that one of her kids? where is the other one?

To ducknugget99....You are so right and yew our sil are like twin. I realize and agree with everything you've said. Unfortunately, I also have a MIL, FIL & BIL that take my sil's side and they all start issues so to ignore and put distance between her is to do the same with them. It's really hard because that's my husbands family. Now it's even worse, she has completely gone off the deep end! She see her kids only once a week and her parents are left to care form them, she's 39 and runs after boys in their 20s and th list goes on.

Gross...oink oink

Wow...Our sister in laws are like twins. I feel the same way you do about MY sister in law! She is so immature. She posted all these gross pics of herself on facebook and all she does on facebook is talk about how awesome she is. It is so gross. But in reality, I know she really hates herself, and she uses facebook as a way to be bitchy and make herself feel better about herself and her pathetic life. All of her "friends" on facebook are just people from her past that she wants to spy on and talk badly about. She is so superficial and shallow. I believe your sister in law must be so insecure, just like my sister in law. And this insecurity and unhappiness makes them resentful of you and me because we have loving supportive husbands and are happy with ourselves and with our lives. <br />
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I know it is easier said than done, but try not to let her get to you. I feel more sorry for my sister in law than angry now. I realize she does not have close friends. She does not have a happy marriage. (She is on her 2nd marriage and I think they are already having problems. They hardly ever spend time together and she complains about how lazy he is all the time. They have been married only 9 months!) If a person is so insecure and unhappy in their own skin, there is no way they can love others. My sister in law is SO self absorbed too. If the subject of discussion doesn't revolve around her, she acts bored and rolls her eyes. It drives me CRAZY! <br />
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Sorry to rant...I am just talking from my personal experience, I realized recently my SIL is just a miserable and unhappy person. So like a rotten apple, she wants to poison everyone she meets. I remind myself I am happy with my life, I have no regrets, and I have a happy, supportive husband, family (other than my SIL) and friends that love me. My SIL does not have any of this except for family that tries to love her, despite her immature and hurtful ways. So I pity her...just like you should pity your sister in law. She will eventually push everyone away that is close to her because she does not know what it is to really love someone. And it is sad. She is probably resentful that you have your life together and her hatred towards herself gets pushed on to you. Her deep-rooted insecurity makes her feel threatened by your happiness and success. Distance is a powerful thing too. It makes dealing with her a lot easier if you do not see her as much. <br />
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Be happy knowing you are a good person and a happy person. Your confidence in yourself and the family you have, as well as ignoring her hurtful ways will probably shut her up eventually once she realizes she can't make you mad anymore. But I am still dealing with a lot of anger myself...I just keep reminding myself that my SIL is mean because she is a terribly unhappy person. <br />
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So my husband and I have been ignoring her the past couple of months or so...and so far, it is working! We don't respond to her dramatic emails and we say "no" when she gets herself in a bind and wants us to help her out. The more we say "no," the easier it gets too! Now, she is not writing bitchy emails to us anymore, and not calling and "facebooking" us as much as she used to. She is not talking badly about us to my mother in law and father in law. Instead, they'll tell us that she will even ask about us once in a while...curious what we have been up to since we ignore most of her calls and emails. She even remembered our birthdays and our anniversary...which really freaked me out! So unlike her. So the fact we are not showing her that she is getting to us, and showing her she cannot take advantage of our kindness, this is helping us to distance ourselves from our unhealthy relationship with her. And maybe, even making her realize how terrible she has been to us...well...this is my wishful thinking..we'll see if THAT ever happens. :-) Hope you are doing ok. sorry for the long comment! It was therapeutic!

I try not to let her get to me but she called me trailer trash, maybe she was looking in the mirror when she said it? But she has a daughter that is only three and she dresses her too grown up and trains her to be like her.

OMG. <br />
yep some girls just don't know what is classy & what isn't. she is probably so insecure & feels bad about herself. poor thing.<br />
don't let her take to much time in your head.