My Sister In Law

My SIL treats my family like dirt because we don't meet the required standards that she herself thinks she aspires to.She has went out of her way to turn my Brother against me and also her children.Before she met my Brother she had nothing,she worked in a supermarket stacking shelves and on the checkout.My Brother worked hard to put her were she is today.My SIL youngest son was at the primary school my daughter was on day release from the local collage,my daughter came home one day and told me that his Mother (SIL) told him not to associate with my daughter.How low can one stoop.When my Father died last year I had relatives who came up from the sth of Ireland.My sister in law hovered in the background like a cobra ready to strick,when she saw the oppourtunity she pushed herself forward and made everyone aware that she was my Brothers wife.She then organised a little get togeather behind my back with my relatives ensuring that  myself and my family were left out.After everyone left the church my family and myself were left standing watching the two cars go out the gate.That really did hurt my wife and myself. Needless to say they already had her figured out and thus did not hang around.My cousin contacted me after  Dads funeral and informed me that within five minutes of arriving at my Brothers house they legged it. My sister in law and my Brother have accused me of financial abuse while my Father lived with me,far from it, I took Dad on holidays for five yrs against my Brothers advice,he said I was mad.I also looked after him ensuring that he was OK.When he took ill in his own house he was hospitalized for two weeks,my sister in law insisted that I put him into a nursing home.She had social workers contacted and said that Dads case was complicated and needed careful handling.I told her there was no cognitive impairment so therefore I would be taking Dad home to live with me.I could go on forever,everyone I have spoken to finds my sister in law boring and uninteresting because she keeps rambling on about the same old snobby crap. She manipulates my Brother to suit her own ends and she gossips behind my back to her neighbours.That neighbours husband has a long history of alcohol abuse and when he worked in the local hospital frozen turkeys grew legs and walked out the hospital gate and into the boot of his car,this was a common occurrence every Christmas.He is a leading light in the local lions club and AA.When my Father was admitted to hospital this so called neighbour visited Dad and made remarks "lets get this little piece of paper signed" referring to my Fathers affairs.That could only have come from one person,My SIL.Her own Father and Mother don't speak to one of my SIL brothers because he received property left to him in a will,my SIL Father felt that he was done out of this property and it should have been willed to him.My SIL and the friends she hangs around with are nothing but low life they sneak around like rats afraid that they will be discovered.They are the scum of the earth.People I know who are  friendly with my Brother maintain that he will walk out on her  in the future.Before my Mother died she warned me that my SIL was a very dangerious woman.





dessie53 dessie53
Aug 18, 2009