I Just Don't Get It

I have tried so hard - and no matter what i do - she hates me - i an nice to her kids - we shower them with gifts - since we have no kids.  We were married when we were 40 - have a great marriage - but no matter how much i care and love them - she always picks fights - blocks me on face book - embarresses me - and is jealous of my life.  I have no ill towards her - but all she does - is pick fights - i have never had an enemy in my life - and never have tried so hard - because i love my husband so much - she is vicious and talks behind my back - i am now at my wits end - and just want never to see her again.  My husband agrees with me - that she is a nuts - but i feel bad for him - what do i do

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Here is my advice to you.... DO NOT TRY TO BE HER FRIEND!!!! It is not your job to be friends with someone who is rude and obnoxious. I also have a SIL who I was so nice to but have recently given up on because she is a straight up bi!ch. So what you do is just not laugh when they make jokes, roll your eyes when they talk, act like it's a bother when they ask you question - things like that because guess what? After all the times YOU HAVE TRIED AND TRIED to be nice and be a friend - she treated you like crap. Don't be a doormat - be strong and start not giving a sh!t about what she says and does because she has already made up her mind to hate you so don't try and save a sinking ship because she is not worth it. Don't waste your time on this sh!t for brains...

You are not the only one. My SIL has done the same to me for years, the more I tried the worse she treated me. Sometimes being nice to these people only encourages them to behave worse....I think they take it like you are going out of your way by being nice, to point out how mean they are. I completely gave up, then my SIL was like, oh, my!, I really want(ed) a nice relationship with her, at least that's what she said to my husband,..... BUT sorry b!tch, you're way too late! Now I won't speak to her, nor even want to spend any time around her.....mainly b/c I don't like or trust her and won't let my guard down around her again. She pushed me to the point of disdain and apathy. Luckily, DH understands and supports my decision; how much sh!t is his wife supposed to take from his sister? Hopefully things will work out better for you!

hey thanks - that is what i am trying now - for the first time - I am staying home - usually every sunday we go to their house for dinner - (Italian style) and I told my husband I did not want to go - just don't want to be where I am not wanted - next week - I have to go because it's my brother in laws birthday - not her husband - my husband's brother - so I will act aloof - <br />
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i can't believe people can be so mean - and what is worse - she is hurting her own brother - thanks for listening - it does help - sometimes i think i am the only one