Controlling *****!!!!

I HATE my brother's wife so much!!!!! I used to like her until I saw her true colors & realized what a fake, controlling, manipulating ***** she is. B4 she & my brother got married she told her mom that my mom was saying all this **** to my bro about her trying to convince him to call it off. My mother would NEVER in a million years do something like that. She has my brother lie & make up bullshit excuses for her all the time & acts like a little ******* baby when she doesn't get what she wants. She's tearing him away from me & my parents becuz u can't say anything to him without her having to know what was said so we can't even talk to him anymore. I'm praying for the day he wakes up & divorces her worthless ***.

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look im only ten and im reading this but my brother is so controlling he even controls my parents and he acts such like a douchebag and wants everyone to listen to him. once i remember in a summer break he told to sleep at 5:30 pm and he sweared that if i wake up i would beat you up. look he is such a total ***** with his *** stuck in everything. im a lady gaga fan and he rejects me he once threw my ipod out of the window and i was just listing to this 15 second track+ my room is full with gaga posters and one day he burned them and bunched me :( i wish that ***** will die. that day i was sitting in my room getting ready to go out with some friends and i wearied some "puffy" clothes just a jacket with some jeanz and a t shirt (im a boy) nothing so corny !! and he told me if you will were this to go out i would let you go only with underwear!! and i said to my freinds that i wont go! so he told me to go around the block with underwear and i did !! i wish he will learn his lesson

I'm the only 1 who will say anything 2 & then every1 gets mad at me. And 2 make matters worse, she's now pregnant.

My ex-sister in law was the same way. She would act like a total ***** to everyone, like she owned the total world. I was the only one in our family to stand up to her. I did so in a very public and vocal manner. I had to just completely disown both of them because she was not worth my time or sanity. Finally, he wised up and got a divorce.