Backstabbing Manipulating Sister In Law!

I have known my sil for over 12 yrs the first 10 were relatively good 2.5 years ago my marriage began to fall apart my drinking became excessive,stupid drunk not abusive.My wife wanted to leave me.She began an emotional affair  on fb with an ex from h.s..I discoverd this about a month in this is also when I realized there were real problems in the marriage.Any waythey stopped communication for a short while until he contacted my sil on her fb to try and contact my wife which she obliged condoned and encouraged my wife to hook up with him and create more turmoil in our lives.SIL knew my wife had a crush on him.So they had a secret E affair for a year while for half that yea r we were supposed to be working on our marriage and yes I was still drinking at this time.My wife and I separated in Jan 2009shortly before this she had cut ties with this dirt bag on my demands(which was wrong on my part).thru this affair my wife wanted and got an ego boost he wanted to get laid.(he is also in a relationship.)While separated my wife contacted him again she thought they could be freinds.They both work in the same field pharmacy tech He was looking for work she got him in where she worked my sil also works there.In the first few weeks of working there he started to make inappropriate comments she let him know they were May 2009 I was sober 3months and began to reconcile with my wife.My sil decides this guy is now her good buddy.and is now his freind .My wife filed a complaint against the dirtbag  nothing was wife had to leave her job,my wife had vented to this guy in the past about her sister which he revealed to her sister  when **** hit the fan at work and my wife had to leave her job .My sil says my wife opened  the floodgates 2years earlier to this abuse thankfully human rights looks at it differently and charges are pending today.Any way .My sil called my wife a malicious person due to his comments although we do not know if what he even told her was true.2 weeks after my wife leaves her job SIL has a work dinner party and invites the dirt bag his gf my wifes parents and other sister.(what a b%#ch) my wife and her dont talk until christmas 09 where sil wants to pretend  everything is ok .My wife apologizes for her big mouth my sil doesnt believe she has done anything wrong to this date.SIL knows I have a problem with her freinship with this guy last month she swears to my wife that she is not his freind anymore but does have to work with him.Ishe didnt know what she could say to prove it to me.I said she was full of ****. my wife thought so too.SIL is still freinds with him on fb an d as of last week she is now freinds with his gf.on fb.I want nothing to do with her she is a lieing backstabbing twofaced.B%tch.She knows the dent this guy put in our marriage she knows he is also a dirt bag cheat,he forced my wife her sister to leave her job,there is a human rights case against this guy and her former employer and last week she becomes freinds with the dirtbags gf on fb.My SIL can be freinds with whoever she wants that is her right.Personally her choices disgust me for now she is no longer allowed in my/our home she can only see my daughter at her parents house with my/our approval.She has turned her back on my wife for this dirtbag there is no sister loyalty so none will be returned.For the record our marriage is better than ever with lots of honesty(that is how I know allthis stuff)communication and I am 13 months sober  and  do not and wil not take any crap or disrespect to me or my wife and daughter

murster murster
41-45, M
Mar 16, 2010