Can I Send The In-laws Back For New Ones?

I have been married to my husband now for 10 years, and we have a 7 year old boy.  There is so much conflict and dysfunction within my husband's family that I do not even know where to begin.  First of all, the biggest thorn in my side is that my husband's parents have absolutely nothing to do with our son.  They live only 7 minutes from our house but have not seen their grandchild in a year.  I used to contact my husband's mother and ask if I could bring our son over to their house, but because it was such an issue with them, I have stopped even trying.  I have often thought that perhaps they just hate me because I now refuse to have anything to do with them.  I do not enjoy being hurt and do not want my son to be hurt anymore. 

They have done some really crappy things to my son.  Last Easter, we were invited to come to their house for Easter.  When my husband arrived with our son, they had already had the Easter egg hunt without him!  WOW!  I was really miffed over that one.  I confronted my husband's mother about it and she could not give me a legitimate reason that they would have done such a thing.  Either they are just really stupid... or they are just really stupid and oblivious to the world around them!  What inconsiderate and strange people they are. 

My sister in laws are just as bad.  I have one that at least attempts to try to be nice to me to my face, but the others.... well the others.... ugh!  One sister in law had told me that she wanted to give me a baby shower before our son was born.  She never mailed out the invitations and on the day of the shower, she was out of town!  I cannot tell you how many times I have forgiven her.  I have tried to overlook this and rekindle our friendship, but the last time I asked her to lunch, she agreed and then never showed!  Okay, NOW we are DONE.

The other sister-in-law just moved here with her husband.  She tries to find fault in our relationship because there are problems in her own.  I guess misery loves company.  When they first came to town, we let my brother-in-law (her husband) stay with us for a month while he tried to locate employment. My husband took time off from work and went out of town with them and helped them move here.  After they got settled in here, they were showing up at our house every weekend disrupting OUR routine.  I started getting really agitated about it and it started to show.  I was started to be extremely rude to them.  Well, we had a big blow up over that and they stopped coming over.  Now we are moving 2000 miles away to my relief - normalcy at last.  They have invited us over for a BBQ this weekend.  I do not want to go but I suppose I cannot continue to avoid them since they are trying to make an effort; but the worst part - I do not like them and hate being in their company.  They are know-it-alls and are very nosy - these are my pet peeves in people.  They show no genuine interest in getting to know me and trying to cultivate a true friendship.  When I am in their company, they direct most of their conversation to my husband - OUCH! 


moffettwife moffettwife
41-45, F
Apr 13, 2010