So Lost

I have two sister in laws one who lives with me and one who is a foster parent with her husband i absolutely despise. The sister who lives with me lost custody of her kids to drugs and i wish somehow someway would be able to get her kids back because she's not using anymore and her sister and brother in law keeps lieing to social services and saying she's using. My sister in law is in the process of adopting the kids and we were told is losing the money they are getting from the state in like a week. They have now been calling social services on us saying that my son who is now 2 just learned how to walk and isn't talking like he should and should go to early childhood education classes, we live in a messy house that smells like urine, and the list goes on and on. I am so afraid that if they keep calling and calling making up lies that eventually how son will get taken away from us and we will never get him back just like my other sister in law lost her kids because of the lies and bullshit that were told my ****** up sister in law and brother in law because he's a piece of **** that thinks he's big and bad because he's a foster parent. Is there any way we can get these kids back in the good sister in laws hands and these calls stop being made on us when my husband and I are good parents and couldn't love our kids any more than what we already do. Is there anyone living the same life of hell as us?
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Counter sue them for harassment. Have her talk to a Social Worker and invite that social worker as show of good faith to come randomly over ANY time she wants even if it's midnight to test her for drugs. Or you can put a 24 hour video surveillance up in your house and have a constant recording of your home as a back up evidence to show a judge. If a person is truly on drugs they won't care about a camera being installed or install one and don't tell her. That will truly show she is off.