Fat Lazy Pig

I'm a pretty open minded, accepting and caring person.  I usually give people the benefit of the doubt.  But my sister in law has completely used up any and all compassion or kindness I had for her.  She is the most self-righteous, self-idulgent, fat, lazy pig I have ever had the misfortune to meet.  Her sense of entitlement for everyone to bow down and kiss her fat *** drives me over the edge.  Her constant whining and victim mentality make me want to kick the **** out of her.  She needs to grow the **** up and stop pretending to be a good mother; we all know she's not.  She lets her kid sit in his ****** diaper for hours on end.  Then wonders why he has diaper rash and screams.  Her husband probably cheats on her, but she thinks she is god's gift to this Earth.  She will tell you that every day by referring to herself as "The Queen."  News flash!!  Your brother, myself, the Earth and the Universe dont owe you anything.  Get off your fat ugly *** and make something of yourself.  God I hate you.  And oh yeah, STAY THE **** OUT OF MY LIFE!  Mind your own business *****.

fedupwiththem fedupwiththem
May 11, 2009