Sisters Growing Up Is A Bi***

Just 2 years ago me n my sister were best budsabout 2 years ago a gye she loved left but she didn't know Him that's wen our lives flipped over she is now talking about a girl Shes in love with n it ****** me off!! It's like u ARE NOT A LESBIaN come on!!! N I try to be there for her but we end up fighting she also started cussing every 1 mineute she gets mad easliy she never plays with me she uses a boy that very much likes her she's always fighting w/ my mommy and daddy n me my other sister n a kid named dylan petorson. Doesn't help at all ok she bcomes friends w/ him wen he's a nobody about 3 months later 50 frikin girls r in love with him n here's how he acts w/my sis 1he looks at hr like if she's a demon man he's like a typical boy (u can find him on facebook) anyway the reason he doesn't help is bcuz she hates boys more now ps. He goes 2 my church Calvary of abq n I hope he reads this jk jk well commet wat u think :|
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I know of a new show that is looking for adult siblings who do not get along. The goal of the show is to provide professional help if possible. If you are interested in speaking with one of the producers please email<br />
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Good Luck