My Sister Thinks She Is Better Than Me...

Okay so my sister thinks she is the most popular and real girl in school. She is 16 months yonger than me and when we were little we were so close we would always be together. Then where she entered middle school i wasin 7th grade and i had no desire to be popular and fake she on the other hand did. My parents alwayes chose her over me even though she is self centred, selfish, and ungreatful. One night my dad set up a big tent in the back yard and my mom took her to the grocery store and bought her all the food she wanted and scary movies to watch(which she never once said thank you) then she went for a walk and brought back a boy he then accadently texted my mom tell her to come down to my sisters hiuse(which was ours too) and she said hi this her mom and im already there you better not be. Then he left and she comes in yelling at my mom because she told everyone some ground rules like not to have sex with anyone. My sister comes in yelling at my mom saying all her friends are calling her a ***** so i snapped telling her she is an ungreatful selfish hoe and if i were her mom all the girls would be going home then she was talking about me out side in the hot tub which is right outside my room and i looked out the window snd they started flicking me off and offcourse my parents did nothing which got me more mad. So i hate my sister.
Pennstatercks4 Pennstatercks4
Jul 16, 2010