I Hate My Sister So Much

i hate my sister so much! looking at her makes me want to puke! shes 21 yrs old and im 20 and i act way more mature than she does. she acts like shes ******* 12. Shes always starting arguments with me for no damn resason just becasue she has no damn life. and because i actually go out and do stuff and she gets jealous. its so annoying. i wish she would just die! thats how much i hate her. today she started a dumb argument with me because her life is so lame. she was yelling at me and i was yelling back and she hit me in the face and so i threw her glasses down and pushed her. she was trying to seriously hurt me and i wasn't even trying to hurt her bad. it makes me mad that my siter hates that much for no good reason!
She also has a twin and they both always start **** with m and i cant deal with it anymore im so frustrated ive been dealling with their crap all my life and ive had enouh of it@ i try to avoid them and they stil start things with  me . and they talk to each other about me in front of my face !  i don't even know what to do anymore. i hate my life because of them. they make me upset, angry, and stressed
deekdeek deekdeek
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010