I Hate My Sister .

oh my God where do i start ? ok well here goes . me and my sisters violet and jessica were raised roman catholics went to catholic school , did our sacraments , etc the whole 9 yards as we got older my sisters started to become rebellious and do such shameful things but i mind my own business because it didn't involve me . from all my sisters i became the most religious one and i asked them to respect that and do whatever the damn well pleased out of my presence i even tried to make them live a better life . from the time we were little up until 3 years ago me and jessica were always the closest she barely did any wrong to my understand violet was the one who drifted away I WAS SO WRONG ! i dont mean to judge anyone or force my religion on anyone but i was lied to . all this time jessica played the innocent card she was even my mom's favorite . And then New Years happened . my sister jessica had , had a boyfriend who my mother strongly disliked not only was he nearly twice her age he had children and we suspected he was using her but w.e my mother tried to let her see it and not force her into anything . on new years who celebrated in Times Square (i live in manhattan) and took pictures and it was super amazing the whole while jessica was acting very strange , jessica stilled lived with my mother and i was staying over for the weekend while i was on college break and i noticed that somethings from her room were missing i questioned her about it and she simply replied that she would be cleaning tomorrow . well in the early hours of the morning my mother came into jessica's room to tell me mu bf had called (he was in london time difference) and she noticed my sister wasnt in bed i told my mom maybe she went to sleep in the living room she wasnt there . what we discovered was all her things were missing . EVERYTHING ! she had runaway from home to be with her deadbeat husband in a crappy apartment in the bronx .. while i am so very disappointed in my sister what makes me hate her is the effect this has had on my mother her being under the impression that jessica was her only good daughter .she is now 6 months pregnant and a complete ***** to me . in 10 days she is having a baby shower she invited my best friend and my boyfriend i never got an invite i merely thought the invite for my bf was for me too , violet informed me that she told her she wanted me nowhere near her baby shower . WHAT A ***** !
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A good tale of caution for those moments when I start to think my relationship with my sister is over/ruined/big, explosive fight is about to happen.