I Hate My Sister

She had cancer when she was really little and you think that would make most people grateful to survive something like that. But noooo, not her, she thinks the work owes her something. What about my mom? Shouldn't the work owe her something for putting her through that? Maybe so but she doesn't as that way. My sister thinks shes self confident, but it shows are self-absorbed and self-centred. She thinks people should just do what she says and not questions her greatness. Ugh I can`t even descibe the reasons I hate my sister. I hate her and, frankly, I`m not sorry about it.
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Your so right my sister calls me names like fatty and lazy and then when I try to speak she goes blah blah and 10 seconds ago she just called me an idiot. My sister coughs in my face calls me names and constantly reminds me that our other sister is her favourite. Sometimes she can be so nice but then when she turns into this which can go on for days and frankly my life becomes a living hell when she decides to GO BAD.

I wish my sister gets cancer

I hate mine too. bluh

My sister also thinks the world owes her. I think cause she was diagnosed with diabetes as a child. I have no idea. But she calls me selfish when she is being selfish.

When a child gets sick, they get used to the attention that comes with it. That's probably your sisters issue.

Ohh i have a siter just like that and i'm 14 uck she is a pain in the ***!

Gee,that sounds soooooo annoying you probrubly neva speak to her again and ignore her

you should say that she should be grateful that she has survived from cancer, it is about fate and power for tolerating something. she just maybe wants to be happy and cool. you should respect her rather than ending any chance of you two getting together.
sometimes i feel no matter what the reason, but it's quite suprising we seem to respect outsiders more than our own ones, and when defend our own one from someone, people try to say that her love is wrong and unfair.
we should just say anything which comes out of our mouths, this is the problem of new generation.

i usually think that sisters should be friends and when i had to do this shoe box thing- teachers told use to wrap a shoebox and put useful things in it for charity and i wrote that this gift is for a girl between age 5-9 because my sister is 5.
however, my sister is very rude, mean and just animal, not only because i don't like her but her lifestyle, everything is like a animal or a naughty boy. she doesn't act like 5 years old girl and i don't really blame her completely, i think that it is little bit of my parents fault sometimes, all my parents care about is their property and saving money.
sometimes the way they behave or judge things as if they only care for each other.

i think even if my relationship is not good with my sister because it can be very depressing if end running upstairs showing that you are scared of your little sister and your mother- my mum has really hard sandle like a rock which can seriously injure you very badly. however, i think that you're wrong because you should just deal with it properly, it can be a personality problem. i think you shouldn't go that she should be grateful for surviving from cancer as if you are not grateful;it is about fate which no one can judge on. who knows if you get an illness one day.
i saw this pakistani/indian serial where a sister sacrified her baby to be able to give her donor for her little sister who had a cancer and i think that at the end the little sister will lend her new born baby to her big sister.

you're little sister just wants to be cool and happy. we should let this relationship down in front of men like brothers or fathers. we should show how strong this relationship can be.

Someones too happy.
Her sister Sucks.
Let it be.

You have to discuss with her in a general matter, don't pick focus all discussion over one event, try to be more holistic, and ask her the question, are you really a twisted a person or I just don't understand you and hate you, tell her you are open to admit the truth even if it's most shocking for you, means that you are open to admit that your sister is a normal girl, and you are a twisted person, as long as she brings evidences.
Put in your mind that those kind of discussion don't always bring immediate solutions, this is not their aim, their aim is introduce change, to prepare people for change, because change is the most difficult thing when dealing with people especially women.

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I have a neurotic sister who sees dangers and creeping mental disorders everywhere she looks. If somone in our family becomes unemployed, for instance, she'll be running in circles around that person telling them they need to seek psychiatric help. She seems incapable of dealing with issues in any way other than by "diagnosing" them as psychiatric symptoms. It doesn't have to be much of a problem, or a problem at all, and the next thing you know is she's talking about depresion, autism, schizophrenia, and whatnot. She's tried to get herself diagnosed with a plethora of disorders that she looked up on the Internet, and she believes they explain all her shortcomings in life.

just ignore her , one day when she gets older she won't have any body !

My sister is as pathetic as yours! But she didn't go through any sort of hardship as yours did.

One word...KARMA.

You are not alone. i just hit mine in the face and my only regret is that my fist was not closed. <br />
She is the rudest, nastiest person I know. If we were not family, I would never cross paths on purpose.

Before reading this i just want you to know that its kinda longe and thanks for taking time to read it!!<br />
<br />
Ok well my sister had cancer too, but when she was like 3!!! She got over it in like a year but still thinks that she should get the special treatment because she had cancer! She aks like a total b***h all the time! She beats the s**t out of my and i have no one to witness it. Im only 13 and she is a year younger than me, but she thinks shes boss around the house just cuz shes taller than me and my mom. She always has to be first at EVERYTHING and i never get any of the good stuff!! Also when she beats me and i tell my mom, she doesnt give a ****!!! Mom always says i complain so much and i should just stop. Ya i should just stop comlaining and let her beat me sencless! and when i say she beats me, i mean like kicks as hard as she can, slaps me across the face, punches me in the stomach (hard) until i get bruses and tells me if i show mom she will do it harder until i cry on my knees for her to stop. And i am responcibal for everything she does cuz im the oldest. She makes me clean the dog crap, when any of our pets barf i have to clean it, and i have to feed all of the animals everyday. All she ever do is talk to random people on the internet, draw, and screams at me. She thinks shes the best drawer ever, and whenever i draw something she tells me the eyes are bad or it looks stupid!! Like who is she to judge when she draws sh*t all day. Plus she sucks at school and mom and dad always say that its ok and she will do better next time, and the only time i got a C they yell at me for being so stupid and not studying.Plus she says no to everything and rebels so much. She will say no to my mom when she is yelling at her ( which doesnt happen very much) and say she didnt do what she is being told she did. She gets away with tooo many things. Plus she NEVER does what i ask her to do. She steels money from my parents and me, then puts it my room if they get suspiciose so i get in trouble. She also thinks shes the coolest person ever! She acts like an anime person and hates people and thinks they're "petty"! Like what the **** does that even mean??? She just ****** me off so F**KING much!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly want her cancer to come back!!!! I hate her so bad!!!! And i hate my family!!! Im only 13 and i have thought of killing myself, and ive cut myself before!!!!!! <br />
<br />
I need help finding ways to stay away from her and my family but i cant. Give me tips on what to do when i am feelling sad and how to feel better. <br />
Thanks for your time spent reading this!!!! <br />
Love Yalls <br />
But i dont love my sister!!!

Hey I hate my sister so ******* much. She beats the crap out of me for no ******* reason and nobody is there to defend me or help me

You know deep inside I know you love your sister and when there gone it will be sad there will be really no one . your sister had cancer you were so close to loosing her so be happy

Your right, even though my sister can be horrible, I wouldnt dream of losing her

I'm with you. I hate my sister too and can't stand her.

quite frankly, i understand the egotistical, obnoxious, proud people who the gene pool can unfortunately push upon you. If you have to live with her, I'm truly truly sorry cause I can completely understand how incredibly annoying that can be. Karma is all I can say.

I know exactly what you mean my sister is the most self absorbed ***** i have ever met!!

Hi Even I hate her too. I shared every bit of my life with her and she doesnot thats why she has got points to speak about my personal life i hate her like anything... Her bf abuses her and she is not worried about that she thinks m the one who wants all the importance but the truth is she is so mean and selfish that nobody likes her the way she greets her elders thats why is not at all respected by anybody

My sister is a livid *****! She is preachy, left-winged, authoritative, bossy, and sensitive all at the same time. She can cut someone up with her words but if you say one thing that only she can take the wrong way, God forbid!!! She asked for everything she wanted and got it! Then she ruined it for me, so I didn't ask for **** from my parents. <br />
She never wants to talk about the past because the times I consider the best years with her were us being defiant teens. She wants to erase it as though it never happened and she's now this born again creature about veganism. I have been a vegetarian for over 24 years and she, a vegan for one. Now she tells me to take that extra step and go all vegan. I get innundated with guilt emails and horror PETA pics from her. While she ate meat and seafood for over 20 years that I did not, she is all of the suddent high and mighty. I don't push my values on others, she SHOVES them.<br />
ALSO, typical example of her being daddy's girl...<br />
Dad wanted to buy us each a brand new Toyota Corrola because that's what he could afford and wanted us to have new cars. She INSISTED on a Camry, so I didn't even let my dad buy me a new car. I took her old one. That was the first time I had let my parents give me a car. She had at least 4 or 5 before that, from them, that she trashed as a stupid teen. I could go on, but I won't. Her poor husband is p-whipped. My mom loves everyone and I can't say that mom likes her. Has to love her though, you know, blood.<br />
I can relate to your sister issues. Thanks for listening to mine.

Sister's Eh!! I hate mine too!

...Well perhaps the cancer will come back to get her! ...reminder of that! : )

maybe the thing with the cancer, is that there are so pleased with havin got through it, they have no other ex<x>pression towards showing it other than being arrogent. i mean, c'mon, lets face it, its a huge thing to overcome, and id be pretty pleased and releaved if i overcame it :]

I have always hated my family but to be honest i think that my bloody sister is the main person respossible, two divorces and upteen relationships that have went haywire have made me see her as a real problem..all the men she has met and had a relationship with have ran for the hills after meeting the real person when the upfront facade starts to fade....why do people seem to be so hostile when others seem to be able to cope with their lives and not be wanting to strike out at the innocent when things go wrong for them.

oh my god! My sister too had cancer when she was little!!! and she also thinks she's a successful confident person better than EVERYONE else. to be honest I feel sorry for her. not for her going through cancer, but for her ignorance. I can't believe some people miss out on what could be a great relationship. I mean all my life I've craved to have a good understanding loving sister... it's just sad!

@Ihateyoursistertoo<br />
<br />
Who cares if she mispelled? Anyone reading would understand. Do you spell correctly when you text?! Weirdo!!!

You should learn how to spell and write properly. You probably think your sister is too self confident because she's not an idiot, like her sister.

somebody ate a whole lot of bit**flakes this morning...

we all have toxic, hateful people in our families. Just because you share DNA with someone doesn't mean they are a good person and doesn't guarentee mutual love. Sorry you have a crappy sister