My Sister Is The Most Horrible Person You Can Find

Okay I know you are just hearing from my side of the story, but I think that's enough to judge her already. She's inconsiderate, annoying, irresponsible, brat(she's 18 and I'm 15) and I never swear or curse before but not anymore because of her, she's a ***** and have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) at least that's what I think and many many more. She is overly clean as in freak! She made every single rule whether it's dirty or clean that even my parents got tired of arguing with her that they just did as she say. And what pissed me off the most is that I can't say anything because I'm the youngest. If I talk back, it'll just waste my time and she'll say I'm getting rude but she talks back to my mom ALL the time. And she also can't stand people so-called copy her so if she quote something from a show and I quote it too, she'll say I'm copying her, just because she said it before. And she always think that I'm spoiled but SHE is the one that's spoiled. She always slip in my name when something is bad for example like if my mother reprimand her for not doing housework or something, she'll say I didn't do it either and why my mother reprimand her only when I always did housework the other times. She claimed that by doing that she can ensure that my parents are being fair. So yesterday when my dad said I didn't exercise much then I slip in her name too just to take revenge then she said I'm copying her. I get so sick of her stupid copying problem. I'm so angry that my angry tears almost came out and also SHE is the reason I harm myself. Each time I have to bottle up my anger, I scratched myself really hard til it gets red and my skin came off once. And I don't EVER want to cry in front of her cause when I did, she'll look down on me even more so to stop my angry tears from flowing, I scratched myself again. And she has her problem of not having any friends because she claimed she's not being herself well SO WHAT, she always complain to me whether I want to hear it or not and if I ignore her, she'll throw a tantrum by saying she won't listen to my problems next time. WHAT A *****! I've been listening her problem for coming 4 years now and every weekday too and then she just say she's not going to listen to me after all I've been doing but even after she claimed that, she'd still come complaining to me and I still listen and advice her many times too but she said she can't follow my advice then what's the point of telling me and yet I listen because I easily forgive people. And when I tell her my problems, she'll just ignore me by saying I ignored her too but at least I don't tell her my problems EVERY SINGLE ******* DAY. She's ruining my life that makes me want to curse her. And you know what, I'm so happy she don't have any friends so she can suffer for treating me like this. Oh and she doesn't deserve my respect because I'm responsible and she's not. I make breakfast for her even when I'm younger than her and I wake her up to go get ready when school because she can't wake up herself. She's inconsiderate as in she sets her alarm and she's the kind of person that doesn't wake up easily so when the alarm rings, everyone in the room wake up to wake her up because she can't hear it. HOW INCONSIDERATE! and she also puts her cell phone far from her because she claimed there's the radiation so that's why she can't hear when the alarm rings and even if she did, she'll just snooze it and it'll ring again and she took a long time to wake up and press the snooze button which by the time she press it, we are already awake. And she love to sing when my parents aren't home and only I know she loves singing. And sometimes when I sing my song she'll ask me to shut up but when she sings and I ask her to shut up she'll still sing which is plain ANNOYING. AND when I tell her something and asked her to not tell my parents, she told them because she said it's not a big deal but even if its not a big deal I didn't want them to know that's why I said to not tell them. She said she told them because she care for me, care for me? what a bullshit if I wanted them to know I would've told them myself. So I never told her anything anymore. There's more but I think this is too much already and if you're wondering why I have so much to write, it's because I've been putting up with all this since I was young so I've been bottling up all these hatred and anger for years and I know there are people with worse sisters that make mine look good but I still hate her.
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My sister is almost just like your sister. Inconsiderated, lying, lazy, mean, just plain horrible *****. She doesn't care about no one but herself, lies, and more. I mean once I asked her to keep something from my parents and anytime I didn't want to do something for her she would threaten me with that! I hate the *****!

My sister is so irresponsible too and she thinks im spoiled when she's the spoiled one too! I'm 18 and she's 21 and it's been like this since I was born! I just don't understand older sisters, it's like they liked being an only child and then when us younger ones were born they just hate us cuz we took some attention! In the long run we'll be better off because we're mature and responsible, while our sisters have issues!

I totally agree! I have no idea why the older one is more immature than the younger one.

I understand completely!

Thank you. Living with her is like living in hell.