My Sister Is Driving My Crazy

Ok so i have a sister and i hate her so much ! She has problem with her anger, nad she doesn't want to do anything about it. We share one bedroom, and just looking at her makes me sick. I hate her so much, she is always mean to me, and it has been like that since we were kids, and it just gets worse. I don't know what to do !
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My sister and I were/are the same way, except I'm the older sister in the situation. We also have shared a room since she was born. I am 19 and she's 17. Life is better now that I live away at college the majority of the time, although I still have to come home every so often and deal with her again. <br />
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Ever since I can remember she has had major anger problems, and always wants to be the center of attention it seems. She's very violent and for whatever reason is my mother's favorite. I remember distinctly instances where she'd rip off the limbs of my dolls and cut off all the hair on my toy horses. She loved going through my diaries and notebooks and using things against me, until I smartened up and stopped writing in physical diaries. My parents would often punish me for getting mad rather than punish her for actually going through and destroying my things. I haven't even slept in my own room for the last 5 years or so, because she is too violent now as she's gotten older. I sleep on the couch in the living room. <br />
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It gets better once one of you moves out for school. Hopefully you'll get lucky and she's smart enough to go off to college. If she's not, at least you can later. Once you don't see her anymore everyday, life gets a lot less stressful.

Man you jsut described EXACTLY how my sister and i am. and how my parents react are realle the same and it's driving me crazy! Problem is none of us are going anywhere, anytime soon.

That reminds me of how I used to be. I used to be very angry. But it also depends on how old she is. If she is still young try the exercises of calming down; counting to ten, taking a deep breath, writing an angry letter or beating up a pillow. I used to do that when I had anger problems.

well i'm 14 and she is 17.. and i have tried everything !!! She tells me to go to hell and she says '' i will be happy if you die '', i don't know if it's just out of anger if she says that but i feel like killing her, she annoys me so much !!!
(btw i am the same person who wrote that storry, my account [whywho], won't work so i made another one)

oh alrighty. How do others around her feel about this? What is their imput? Because she can't be going around do this. I'm sorry she said "I will be happy if you die."

Thanks, well i think she get's along pretty well with her friends, but that's because you never go too far with your friends.But like my family knows that she needs to change. The weird thing is, she is mean to me more than ANYONE! It's like all the anger everyone gives her she takes it out on me and i am sick of it!

what kind of things have you said to her back? Maybe it's that or because the room you guys share is causing this meaness towards you.

honestly i mostly just say like ''you too'' to whatever she says because if i say too much she will lose her temper and start hitting me or something. Yeah you know the room is a little annoying but that doesn't give her any right to any of that !

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