My Sister, Jealousy.

My sister was a very jealous person starting from a very young age. If my brother got 13 carrots on a plate and so did she, she got angry, because she should have had 14. Now that she's older, you can imagine how bad it is. She got married & had kids young, she's since been divorced twice. We all have our problems, and with her I feel like, you made your bed now lay in it. After she got out of her teens she started hanging with pretty bad people, people who like to party & do drugs. I wasn't allowed out with her, obviously. She couldn't even take me to get my nails done because she was in such a bad place. She blames my mother for our nonexistent relationship.

Once again, you make your bed, you lay in it.

19 years later, she's "trying to have a relationship with me." Isn't it funny how people say one thing yet do another? How can you take up on something that isn't there? She had almost TWENTY years (most of them I couldn't drive so I take no responsibility for not seeing her) to try and have even a scrap of a relationship, but she didn't care. She's said so many nasty things to my parents, particularly my mother. She almost made my dad cry, which is hard to do..the last time I saw him cry was when my grandma died. That hit home pretty well, I'm sure you can imagine. I'm very close with both of my parents, and I honestly feel that unless she treats them both like gold, a relationship with her isn't possible.

I don't relate with my siblings. I just don't. I'm not into getting drunk and doing stupid things. Yet because of this I deserve to be ostracized? My brother will still go see her no matter WHAT she's done in the past...& she's treated him pretty bad. Really bad, now that I think of it. But they grew up together, so maybe I'm missing some hidden sibling love between them. I don't understand the bond between siblings, because it's just not there.

It really sucks to be an only child yet have two siblings.

I guess either people can care, or they just don't care, and in my situation, they don't. I still want that sisterly love, you know. I've never had it. I 100% feel I'd be happier if I never heard from her in the first place.

I'm not being insensitive. You know, I have a life too. And it's unfair to expect me to just drop my life when she finally decides she wants a sister. And if she was sorry for how she's been, she wouldn't keep acting the same way.

"And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they’ll never stop doing, I think it’s fearless to stop believing them. It’s fearless to say “you’re NOT sorry”, and walk away.
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So did 2 out of 3 kids end up with drinking problems? Geez. I wish my mother had kept me away from my sister when we were younger. They called it "typical sister battles". They weren't.

My brother doesn't have a drinking problem, but my sister does. It's to the point where it affects her relationship with her daughter because from what I understand she says some pretty mean things when she's angry & drunk. I'm pretty happy that my parents didn't let me around her because it kept me away from her drama. I didn't understand at the time, but I do now. I'm sorry that your mom didn't do that for you, I think if someone is a toxic person then it's smart to stay away, but obviously young kids can't make that decision. My sister just doesn't understand, you know? She is a victim, everyone is against her, she's misunderstood, and just too different to relate to her family. Sound familiar at all?

Sorry to hear about your crappy sister. I wanted to comment on your sister and brother's behavior. Dis-functional people stick together, or as the saying goes - misery loves company. So I hope you don't feel bad that they have that "sibling tie" because it doesn't sound like they do - they are just dis-functional and feeding off of each's others crap. You're right, and strong, to just stay away from that stuff. Just cuz they are "family" doesn't mean they have a right to mess with your life.

Thanks for replying, the thing is though, my brother isn't so dysfunctional. He was pretty bad when he was younger as far as dropping out of high school and doing things that rebellious teens do. But now he's married and has a pretty good job. Honestly I think he still talks to her because he's just too forgiving sometimes. He's a sensitive person to begin with. My brother is a pretty good sibling, I guess, if I take a step back and look at our relationship as a whole. I don't see him enough though & we don't talk aside from when he comes over or when he wants me to get his kid.

Both my siblings are considerably older than me, so there's a nice sibling gap there. But one of my friends has a sister much older than her and they're best friends, so I feel like that's just not a very good excuse, lol.