Stupid Prom

So my sister is a junoir and she;s going to prom and i;m in 8th grade, and what happened was...
it was late at night like 11:00 and she wanted to try on her prom dress and she wanted me to help but i wanted to go to sleep because i was soo tired and she wouldn;t let me leave waht a ***** and i had to wait like for half and hour for her to try her prom dress out and i wanted to go to sleep so bad and i got so mad that i cou;dn;t go to sleep so i went to my room to tune into youube and she had to come in to distrub me cause she just wanted to get on my nerves, don;t u have anything else better to do! so i went downstairs to watch tv instead and she had to follow me, **** u!! and when i finished watching television i turned it off and she;s like **** u turn it on for me and i;m like ***** you slefish little piece of ****! all she wants to do is insult me and get on my nerves that is what she does best, and for **** sake go die i don;t want you in my life, you make it miserable, you made life on earth hell! you ******* *****! i hate my sister and i don;t ever want to see her in my life again. i do everything you ask me to because ur a ******* dictator and now you treat me like this
well guess what **** you don;t ever think that i will help you study for you SAT vocab or watever ******* exam u have, i will never open my door for you and goodluck putting on your prom dress youself on promnight! and for **** sake i hope you never get into the university you want, and you wil ace your SAT cuz ur a ***** who doesn;t deserve to live! i am sooo ******* frustrated you make my life hell. you say you hate it when mom's being a ***** and when mom orders you around well guess what mom is not a *****! YOU ARE! you say you hate it when mom does this and that, but u do the exact same thing to me. You huge enormous leg, you fat cat, your prom dress makes you look fat!
nsirison nsirison
May 12, 2012