My Sister Makes Me Physically Sick

Im not sure what age my sister turned on me, but I do know I did my best to be a good big sister.
when we were young I sheltered them (my young siblings )as much as I could from our parents distructive drug abuse, and fighting.
I lost freinds becouse they made fun of my sister and I wouldn't allow it. As I grew up I became very aware of my parents favoritism, which was very outright. I was the family scapegoat the reason for my mother not being a model ectra......... and evryone of my mothers boyfreinds through the years figure out this. But still at this point I had a sister. When we were in middle school I lost a close friend becouse she became pregnant so I was told she had to move away, the next year he (the boy that my friend dated) started dating my sister, My sister knew about the situation last year as did my mother, but my mother still let my sister be closed in a bedroom alone with him.While I had to take my siblings with me to go out on a date to the movies. My sister started dating before I did, I think maybe my mother caused my sister to be mean to me cause she knew she could. From seeing how differntly we were treated. When we got into high school, she is one year and three months younger, I noticed she wanted to be popular, and from the way I grew up I was a fly under the radar person.In high school I was very anti socail and had a handful of freinds, and my boyfreind who was the only person who built my self esteem. I became freinds with a boy becouse he heard me singing to myself in the school hallway he told me he was an aspiring musicain. ( He turned out to be a bad friend) First he eventually told me he had a crush on me, which I did not feel the same.
But we remand freinds, and I introduced him to my sister. They became freinds also and one day he was visiting and my sister put lip stick on him it was funny at first he was kissing our cheeks to get it off which bothered me but not my sister. Than he was somehow on top of me whispering in my ear that he was going to rape me, I told him to go away we are no longer freinds and I wanted nothing else to do with him, I told my sister and mother what he said to me. The next day at school people were coming up to me and asking me why I lied about him, I didn't tell any one I asked them were they heard this and they all said your sister said you made it up she was in the room and he never said anything to you, of course this upset me I didn't want anyone at school to knw what happened to me, I just wanted it to go away. This was the start of me being called a white ***** a racist **** and being pushed on the stairs and in the hallways and being bulled daily all becouse my sister lied, to protect someone that I just wanted away from me. To say I felt betrayed is an understatement. It continues into the next year which forced me to drop out of school after I asked my mother to transfer me but she was to high to her my pleas for help, sadly me dropping out of school caused me and my mother to fight which was the only attention I could get from her (negative) she kicked me out with the infomous words if you walk out that door don't come back. But I had no chioce but to walk out becouse inbetween this mess my mother started being freinds with my possible rapist, and let him in our home again and I had to see the face of the boy who ruined my safty at school by not telling the truth when he could ahve just been honest and ended my pain. I had no countinues contact with them my sister and mother until my first son was born, Somtimes having a child changes things, which was what happened here. When my sister graduated high school my mother called me to throw her a graduation party, at my home which I agreed but didn't relize it would envolve under age drinking with my baby in the house looking back at it now, I could have lost my son over it, if the police had showed up, that should have been my sigh, but I was dumb. When I was pregnant with my second child I lived in a trailer in Mo. I rented from my in-laws ( which turned out to be a bad idea also) My sister had started dating my husbands brother, who stayed with us becouse his mother kicked him out and before you knew it my sister as living with us to. My daughter was born in march and by june we were homless becouse my sister and her boyfreind went behind my back and talked the in-laws to renting to them instead, so just like that my babys were homless with less than 1 hr notice, and I was told not to even come to get my childerens daipers, when I did cause we needed them, I was thraetened with jail. and violance. My daughter spent her first year og life living in a hotel rather than the bedroom I painted pink for her while I was pregnant. This was the first time I thought what could I have done to make her hate me so, to hurt my childeren, her own neice and nephew. After this I didn't talk to her for a long while and my mother only called me to beg me to lie to the electric company, to get their electric on since they stayed their and ran up the bill in our name befor we figured we had to call to have it shut off, the electric wanted that bill payed befor someone with the same last name opened a new account. It would have been nice for my mom to call to say Im sorry your sister screwed you over, poor kids, but that was never going to happen. Within Five years latter I was talking to my sister again, yes I know dumb, I started babysitting her children at $60-$80 evry two weeks depending on she said her checks looked ( which I latter found out 5 years latter she was making three times as much as my husband does whils telling me she just couldn't afford to pay more) Anyways 10 years after she stole my first home, we stupidly decided it would be smart to share a house with her, her boyfreind Ez and her kids and my family. But that turned out to be a repeat of the past, about 2 months before the lease was to be up she went to the landlord and stated intentions we all would be moving out, without talking to us , and had us sent a letter on how to get your deposit back. While she was doing this she and Elisha W. her freind went to the landlord behind our back to get the lease in their names. ( found out from landlord , this was planned) We thought we had no chioce but to move out and with little notice and no savings to get our deposit back we patched every little holw in the wall, cleaned from top to bottom, just to find out shaneal couldn't come up with a new deposit of her own money so they were keeping ours for them when I confronted Ronson Realestate about our deposit they said take Shaneal to court for it, was the only way to ever see it. Again I was homless this time with a family me a husband and four children I ask myself what kind of heartless person could go behind my back again and force her own neices and nephews to be homless for her own benifit. I know have no love for her the sister who left me with a $600.00 electric bill from the house on merriam, and who sat up in cool air conditioning while my 6 yr old vomited all over my car from heat during the last summer she would get a chance to hurt my children or cause them to be homless again. Sadly she still harasses me by saying she loves me and my childeren and saying IM HEARTLESS becouse i refuse to have anything else to do with her. I will never again let her fake crocodile tears fool me. I still want my deposit back and am considering small claims court it's been 3 years in june since she stiffed me.
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May 14, 2012