The Money Hungry Selfish "attachment" Parent

I guess this goes without saying, but I hate my sister. I'm 27, she's 25. She has lived a charmed life getting everything she wants, and she still does. She had a baby girl last February, and her new thing is that she needs money from my parents, every month, so "she doesn't have to put her kid in day-care." Conveniently espousing the philosophy of Attachment Parenting at the time she decided to go live her life. She went away to college and while her parents paid for her apartment, she worked for the first time in her life, spending everything she made, racking up credit card debt, getting my parents to take out second and third mortgages to pay her bills. Finally she decided she wanted to get married. She met a country-boy in college when for her being country was cool, so she wanted a fairy tale wedding on Mom and Dad's tab. They paid 65,000$ for it and paid her rent to help her move into a much bigger than necessary first house(rental) until a couple months later she decided she needed to move home and save money(imagine that) because her husband didn't have a good enough job and had to go to college for 2 years. So she moved home, got pregnant, all the while her husband lived with her and her parents. So her pregnancy was a nightmare for the family, never has there been a more self-centered, self-rightous person. And when her husband finally finished his college program for the job that would be good enough, it wasn't good enough. He moved away and worked while applying and finally getting a job with the state, he tried to get her to move with him, but now the baby was her reason. When she did finally move, she has been taking 500$ a month to pay the bills, but touting her ability to "make it" and be financially responsible. My parents will have their home forclosed on within the year, and they can't afford her, but she really doesn't care, because the time has never come where she has to change. Her weight has gone from her top pregnancy weight up at least 50 pounds, becasue she eats only fried food and candy, and I wouldn't normally notice, but she always says she "can't go on a diet because she's breast-feeding." She spends all her time talking about how great attachment parenting is, where you sleep with the kid, and what great results she has had. But she's miserable, she spends every other week at my parents house. My dad has early onset dementia and he's not all there. My mom loves her and her daughter, as do I, but my mom has become nothing but a bankroll and babysitter. My sister is so mean to my mom and she see's her weekly visits home as a well deserved break. She wanted this, I;'m sure my mom didn't want to pay her monthly all her life, but she's not complaining. She really believes she is a model human being and can dispense advice to anyone, and fix any problem anyone may have, and while it makes my mom miserable, she thinks she has provided the one great joy of her life. She is a miserable selfish human being.
TherealJD TherealJD
May 15, 2012