Do You Even Hear What You're Saying???!

My older sister is insane. wHAT THE FUC*. I am starting to hate her so much and am now resenting her for everything. She is a whiny baby and i am so so so glad that very soon she will be now married and out of the house. I wonder why she is such a terrible person. Extremely selfish and has no conscience whatsoever about what she says to other people. Everything is all about her. She is two faced and i believe her to need a more spiritual outlook on life. Everything for her is the end of the world. Just writing about her make my heart palpitate. She makes me livid. I am shocked to call her related at me because she is so very different from the rest of the family. She has caused so many problems and tries to start them all the time. She is constantly a force of verbal abuse towards me, I am just so tired of hearing her insipid voice. Someone stop me now before I go insane. A sister is supposed to be loving and i never feel that from her when i try to share the love with her all the time. II am constantly pushed back or am passively aggressively getting yelled at. She is not my  mother, nor does she act like any true sister. I really hope that our relationship wont be like this forever, but i am very scared that it will. Will i always feel this negatively towards her? If she was not my sister i would consider her a *****, no wonder why she only has one friend... i feel so mean but these words are flying out of me. She bugs the crap out of my while my other sister is my perfect match. I'm upset at my crazy sister and wish that someday things will be different.
juliannedcarrots juliannedcarrots
May 17, 2012