I Really Can't Stand My Sister.

This year she has really changed - in a bad way! We argue every single day. Even walking to the bus stop becomes a fight with satin. She is one year younger than me but she try to act mature or probably a rebel. I am bit big and she knows how much I hate my body and want to change but she always finds a way to bring me down. Calling me a 'fat *****' and when I go to the gym she calls me 'f***n lazy' I try to ignore it but it really hurts. Another thing I also hate is the fact that she has our mum and dad wrapped around her twisted little fingers. If I go to tell them something, eg. calling me a fat *****, all they will say is oooh never mind just ignore her. Or if I say to them to make her leave me alone they say 'LEAVE HER ALONE' I mean sometimes I can talk to my nan but i only truly have myself. The other day it really upset me when she said 'go die' and I really wish I could because of her. I don't want to be her sister or have anything to do with her.
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Reading your story was like reading my own. I'm 27 and my relationship with my sister is, well, we don't have one. She has always been absolutely horrible to me, putting me down at any chance she gets, even infront of my husband and niece and nephews. I use to put up with it, but I've matured now. Half the problem was my own mother. She would stick up for her and never pull her up on her behaviour (mainly because she felt sorry for her because she was a horrible person) yet being the older one, you were constantly called upon to act the bigger person (even though the age gap is only 2 years). My mother would admit that she was in the wrong but that my sister was too stubborn and would never admit it, so it would be 'easier' for everyone if I just took the abuse and played nice. Well, one kick in the back later and a miscarriage and that was the final straw. She was not going to use my own mother to guilt me into putting up with her and her cruelty and her drama anymore. I would love to have a sister who genuinely cared for me and who I could spoil! Someone I could hang out with and open up to about all my fears and woes. It just wasn't her. I have to keep reminding myself it is never going to be her. But I guess I'm lucky that I have a great group of girlfriends that make up for the lack of that kind of sister. I'm sorry you are going through that as well. Try to mend the relationship if you can, but if you can't, if you are like me and find that contact between you too always ends in tears or drama, leave it behind and don't let you folks guilt you into something that is never going to be. Thinking of you. And if you are wondering, yes, it still hurts, yes I still wonder she could change, and then I remember that it is not worth the hurt and drama.

My sister is the same. She's a fat piece of shît if u ask me.

i know exactly how you feel except my sister is one year older than me. i am too a little big but its not bad and i know how i am. my sister always calls me a fat *** or a lazy *****. but just ignore her and dont let her get you down. your beautiful :)

Thank you very much, this really but a smile on my face :D