Controlling Older Sister

I Hate My Sister.
   My older sister seems to think it's ok to control my every moment of my life. She is worse than my mother. She tells me what to do, she degrades me in front of her friends , she makes snide cruel comments, she nags as if she is getting paid for it, she has to do lists for me, and seriously the list goes on. Ive become resentful towards her and basically hate her guts. I even went as far as to research verbal abuse and she fits the description to a T. Im 21 and she is 25, she was always a controlling ***** but it really started getting bad within the last 2 or 3 years. When I was little an at the age when i should have started talking she would answer for me and talk for me and as a result I didn't start talking till around 31/2 or 4 years old. I secretly hope she never gets married or has kids because they will have serious mother issues and no man will be able to tolerate a nagging control freak with a whiny obnoxious attitude.
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That is quite the story, im sorry you had to go through all that. I get along better with my mother than my older sister and ive just accepted that thats how it will be, Jess shows no signs of changing her controlling bossy witchy ways and thats hers to deal with. I will simply do my best to be me and love others.

Hi addie321: Your story and mine mirror each other. My mother and sister were twins mentally and even looked like each other. Each of them thought they were above everyone and most every situation that they could not control. Did I say they "were" that way? My mother died at the age of 92 years of age. My sister is just every bit as hateful and ***chy as she was when she popped out of my mother's womb some 62 years ago--and does not possess any sign of a sense of humor either. My sister and I are 3 years apart--she is the oldest. When I was in my 20s, I decided that things were always going to be the same between she and I until I made a definitive change in my own life. That change was to love my sister from a distance and break off all contact with her with the exception of birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc.,. And when I was home for holidays, it was just to spend time with my father, grandparents and other relatives and give as much love to them as they showed to me which was a lot. Additionally, I kept in contact with those relatives over the years. Looking back over my lifetime, almost all of my relatives have since died off, and I am glad that I chose to live my life in the manner that I did. In the interim, my sister went on to destroy three marriages, during one of which she gave birth to a son. With her nose in the air, so to say, her son grew up unfortunately not knowing his grandfather, his aunt--me, and the other family relatives. This whole story is enough to make the angels cry. Yet through all of this, my sister advocated that she was a christian woman shaking her Bible in the faces of those who did not agree with her for whatever the reason. Today, I live 2300 miles from her. She is so hateful and resentful of me because we each got one half of our mother's estate that when we come into monies from insurance, estate sale monies, etc., she will telephone my house and hang up no matter who answers the telephone at my house. Recently, she put her 27 year old son up to telephoning me and when I answered the phone, I could her my nephew say, "She answered, she's home" then the phone went dead. I told my husband that from now on when I get a telephone call from an "unknown" caller/number I would let the answering machine answer the phone. When the person calling started to leave a message that I wanted to speak with, I would immediately accept the call. Otherwise, I would not even bother to answer it. A word about "unknown" caller vs. "private or blocked" caller on a caller id: "unknown" callers telephone calls placed via home telephones or cell phones are routed through a cable connection or a Vonage connection bypassing the telephone company altogether. However, a "private or blocked" telephone calls are always routed though the telephone company and no matter what pops up on your "caller id", the telephone company will know the telephone number that passes through their company and police can trace the nuisance telephone calls coming into your house directly to the offender. Isn't it amazing what lengths the people who are supposed to love us the most will go to just to show us that they do not? Shame, shame, shame. I have gotten to a point in my life that I find myself saying, "It will be whatever it will be" and moving forward with my own life. Worrying about what you cannot change will only be a waste of time. Live your life to the fullest by focusing on what is important to you and to those who value you. Good luck in all of your endeavors.