Don't Move A Finger Or My Sister Will Tell You You're Stupid.

Me: And then I said something funny and he laughed-
Sister: -You said something funny? Hah I doubt it.


Sister: Huhuhuh that's a good one. You're really not funny at all, okay?
Me: Maybe that's because I'm afraid to be myself around you. All you do is criticize me.
Sister: That's stupid.

I think I have pretty much always hated my sister. The only thing nice I can recall her doing ever in her life was doing my hair for an awards banquet. She is a shallow, self-centered, jerk of a person, and is one of the reasons I am an insecure, quiet, self harming 13 year old girl who cries herself to sleep every single night.

I am not mean to her. I have told her I love her (which is sometimes true but only for a few minutes) but she constantly analyzes and critiques me on what I do & say. My mom usually sides with her. (Of course, she's four years older so she must be right) and she and my brother have a good relationship.

I'm just so lost, hurting. She'll be off to college next year but all I can think is how long will I last before I break? I'm not in a good place and her constant criticism is too much for me. I've been told to ignore it but you can't ignore pain. It's not because her opinion matters to me, but moreso that something inside me keeps telling me she's right.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

You sound just like I did when I was near your age. :'( PLease don't kill yourself or harm yourself. You sister is undeserving of your love!<br />
I understand the feeling of being lost. The feeling of not knowing how much more you can take before you snap, before you give up. The heavy pain that fills your heart every day. I wish there was a great answer I could give you to immediately help you, but I'm sorry. There really isn't one. <br />
The one thing I can tell you is that you need to find an outlet, a positive outlet to vent your anger out on. For me, I did martial arts for 12 years, learning how to defend myself and taking my anger out on a punching bag. Anything helps, be it drawing, or writing, reading, whatever can help you. PLease try it, Don't give up! Just know that people have your back here!<br />
She can criticise you all she wants. You know who you are and you know who you can be and you know how to stand up and be your own person. So show it!<br />
She probably is treating you like crap because she doesn't respect you. She thinks she can walk all over you. The moment you stick up for yourself and show her that you WILL NOT be put down anymore is the moment when she'll finally see that her words have no effect. Even if you don't believe what you're saying at first, it'll help. <br />
Be strong. If you're shy, it might take some time, but I believe in you. You can do it! Rise up past this and prove to not just yourself and her, but to the WORLD that your stupid sister can't ruin your life!