My Mean Ugly Pimpled Face Sister And My Little Sister Who Has No Respect

Ok one day i decided to play teacher with my little sister she started being annoying and then she pulled a big piece of my hair then when she did that she banged her head on the wall mom did not care because it was not my fault then i ripped a piece of her hair  out then she cried her little head off then i took all my books back then i left when i was leaving so close to the door my big sister came and pushed me on the wall really hard my head and nose started to bleed mostly my nose then my mom came she got mad at my sister  and my lil sister then they thought i was totally fine no i was not i could had had brain damege   WELL I SWEAR I WILL DO SOMETHING TO HURT PIMPLED FACE SISTER AND UGLY NO RESPECT SISTER WHO CRIES SO MUCH I am the only good one who my mom does not care about
sandirox sandirox
13-15, F
3 Responses May 24, 2012

i feel the same way i wont to kill my sister

they made me mental

aww that must suck it does oh im talking to myself