The Only Thing My Sister And I Have In Common Is The Same Mother.

I'd rather just call "her" my mothers daughter, instead of my sister.

She is 50, I'm 47. She is very jealous of her stepdaughter! She won't even let her sit beside her own daddy, when she visits and the stepdaughter is 21. She whispers to her husband in the presence of others! Incredibly rude!

She intercepts e-mails that her husband has sent! She puts the phone on speaker, when her husband gets a phone call! His daughter can't even go to dinner alone, without my sister there! His daughter wants to convey her feelings to her daddy, but that is not possible. Why? My sister is always around them. Calls are on speaker. E-mails are read. If the daugther wrote a letter to her daddy, my sister would actually intercept in and read it! If she didn't do that, she would be sure to be standing right there, when her husband opens the mail!

My sister has ignored me when I asked a question at dinner. My mother was sitting there and realized that my sister was simply ignorning me! The question was just a general question. Finally, after the 3rd time I asked (and my sister was sitting beside me), my mother spoke up and said, "Susan, Beth has been asking you a question."

Susan came to a very small birthday party I had several years ago. Instead of staying where the guests were (3 guests), she goes into the den and sits, alone! Ignoring everyone!

At a Christmas party I had, last year, about 34 people where there. She came in, I saw her and went to give her a hug. She literally kept both arms by her side and stiffened up! OMG! She stayed about 3.5 maybe 4 minutes, and left!

And several years ago, we went to my cousins house, celebrating her sons christening. As someone was going to take pictures, they said "Let me get a picture of you three." Referring to my mother, my sister and myself. As they readied to take the picutre, my sister walks off! Very obvious and incredibly embarrasing.

My sister DOES call me: To find out information about things. Never to say, "How are you?" And I quit calling her a long time ago. Why? Because when I'd call, she'd answer the phone and as soon as I said hello, there was an audible sigh (as if my call were an irritation and inconvenience). THEN said say "Hey" and sound irritated!

My sister lives about 4 minutes from me, if that. I see her less than once a year and we talk on the phone every OTHER blue moon.

She is pathetic and fake. I'm glad I'm nothing like her.
WhycanInotpickausername WhycanInotpickausername
41-45, F
Sep 7, 2012