I Hate My Sister

I am 28 and she is 32, she thinks that she is the most beautiful person on the earth. She is married to a rich businessman and treats me, my father, mother and brother as crap. Its our family culture to treat all the guests nicely, so we used to treat her, her kids and husband nicely. She thinks we are beggars and should treat her like a queen.

She had never paid attention to studies it was her luck and my efforts that she got married to a rich person. I am a scholar and most educated in my family and relatives. I hardly pay attention to my looks, so her husband, she and all her illiterate rich relatives make fun of me. Her brother in law is jealous of me and says I am running behind money. I am working hard in an MNC to earn my bread and butter. No one has right to say anything about me.

She always complains about her in laws and husband, she sits at home doing nothing. I have to travel a lot for my work, sometimes I travel to other countries. She always gives me a shopping list and never pays me back. I have a small house when she came to my house she said that u live like a beggar.

My father was hospitalized last month, as i was not in the country I asked her to visit him because it was difficult for my mom to take care of my dad alone. She went to visit dad and stayed there for few days, after some days she told me that our dad should die and in future she will never go to visit anyone and will never leave her husband and kids.

She is the worst sister and daughter in the world. I hate her !!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a *****

She is the most selfish person on the earth. Whenever my parents spend money on her and her kids it's ok it's their responsibility but it comes to me she always says that parents don't have money to waste. According to her my parents have spend money on my studies so they are done with their responsibility. Honestly speaking I got 100.% scholarship for my education and they have hardly spent any money. But for her wedding my parents took loan from the relatives and still she complains that her other relatives and friends get Rolex as gift from their parents and our parents are beggars.