Birthday Ruiner

So today's my 17th birthday and I usually don't do stuff cuz it takes too much work and I got a fever from swimming in P.E. during school, so I've been feeling pretty horrible. And for the past few days me and my sister have been fighting because we bought some things and she took my stuff, and I've been pretty nice to her for the past few days offering her half of my food, and she just takes my stuff. So that was a few days ago and she threw stuff at my head too, and we've been just fighting since or rather her just slandering me and telling me how I'm stupid and going to be a cat lady when I grow up. And she just tells me how I'm just a b**** cuz I won't talk to her, and even today she just woke up and started telling me how I was a "loner, no a loser" and I didn't have any friends and she just yells at me at how I'm so stupid and unable too function and how incapable I am. I'm just so tired of her, I really want to just punch her sometimes but I know I can't do that and my dad's just ignoring me too. I'm so tired of her and feeling so bad at what she says, I want to stop crying after she says these things but they just make me feel so horrible, and I just feel so hurt, I wish I could just have a better sister and have a better birthday.
PoughCrawshBomb PoughCrawshBomb
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

I have a sister who i hate. She is all about herself. Thinks she is better then every other person in this world. I think a lot of people have sister problems. I only hope it gets better when we all move out on our own, and don't have to face each other everyday.