Today, We Were Doing Fine.

Today we were doing fine, until Mum came home.
Mum brought with her some fast food, KFC, deep fried chicken stuff. She gave it to the cat. Told her not to because it's human food.
Meagan - "It's /chicken/."
Me - "It's /deep-fried/ chicken."
Me - "We were coexisting fine without Mum, but we can't when she is here?"
"We weren't coexisting."
"Uh, yeah, we were."
"Whatever you think then."

It's like, as soon as Mum comes home, she does a 180 in order to impress that ****** ****.

Mum - "Want some poison? Do you want some poison?"
Then she and my sister share a laugh.
I tell Mum again not to, Meagan says she wasn't.
I said she was making fun of me, and that was the point.

My mother is 57. My sister is 16.
PhantomBrave10 PhantomBrave10
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012