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My Sister Is A Lazy, Alcoholic Narcissist And Terrible Parent

I have two sisters, one two years older and the other four years older, and I am the youngest. We are in our late 30s, early 40s. My oldest sister is great; she has her own life, husband and children, and is totally normal. The middle one has always been the troublemaker in the family. She demanded the most attention from our mother, but still to this day claims that she got the least amount of time from our parents, even though our father states otherwise.

She started drinking, doing drugs, and having sex as a teen, and she was pregnant by the time she was 19. Our mom died of cancer right before her baby was born, and ever since then she has used it as an excuse to behave however she wants. She also claims she had a head injury as a child and uses that as an excuse her frequent, massive fits of rage.

Her ego is HUGE but easily bruised, so she cannot accept any little bit of criticism, even though she will say she "can't be offended." If she thinks someone is questioning or judging her, she will get very defensive and start yelling. She will complain for hours or even days about things that didn't go her way, and if her husband asks her to stop, she will fly off in a rage at him for trying to tell her what to do.

She doesn't do much of anything. She is a stay at home mom, which should keep her busy, but all she does all day is sit around on the couch, watching television and smoking pot. She won't clean, run errands, or teach her youngest child anything to prepare her for preschool. The only thing she does is make dinner, which she will brag about the whole time she is cooking. It is literally the biggest activity of her day. Other than that she won't do anything else, and if she is forced to keep an appointment or run an errand, she will complain the whole time and yell at her husband that she does so much and he should be thanking her more, even though he works 40+ hours a week and gets up with their youngest daughter everyday so she can sleep in.

Her biggest issue is her alcoholism. She drinks every night, passes out drunk around 4 am, and wakes up at noon with a hangover and a bad attitude. She lies to people constantly about her drinking, saying she only has "a glass or two of wine three or four times a week," when the reality is a half gallon every week night, with beer and shots added on the weekend. She treats her 18 year old daughter like her drinking buddy, because she is the only female "friend" she has (all the others have been done with her long ago), and she even lets her 3 year old have "sips" of alcohol, which are actually gulps of wine, beer, and even shots from just about anyone in the room at the time. I seriously don't think she realizes how much her toddler is consuming every night. Also, if someone denies her toddler a "sip" from their drink, she gets infuriated and cops an attitude with that person, again because she thinks they are judging her for letting her toddler have alcohol, even though they are justified to do so.

She can be very abusive and cruel to her daughters. She hits both of them, and she tells her 18 year old that she hates her and puts her down constantly. Her daughter is fearful of her reactions when things don't go the way her mother wants, because she knows she will overreact and say hateful things. After the dust settles and my sister calms down, she will rationalize her behavior by reminding anyone listening that she had head trauma as a child and can't control her rage. Then she will return to her normal habits of smoking pot all day and drinking all night, which she refers to as her "medication." I like my brother in law, but he enables this by not doing anything about it, but he's afraid of my sister as well, because she is abusive to him too.
CrabNebula CrabNebula 31-35 2 Responses Nov 9, 2012

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I too have a very "unique" sister like yours; however, just substitute the pot with pain killers. They are very similar all the way down to the giving alcohol to her toddler.

I know she is related to you, but the alcohol is extremely detrimental to the development of the child. Not only physically, but from a social stand point. With that said, you are 100% within your boundaries to call social services on her.

In the long run you are doing more good than bad by making that call.

Anyhow, just my two cents.

my sister drinks heavy too... if her filipeno husband is celebrating his birthday in the filipens ... she went and bought two bottles of booze and drank them just to say she was celebrating with him ... she screams obscenities and stomping around the house at 2am in the morning at us and even to people over the phone often even to the husband and then its all lovey dovey after.... they are all ffff'en idiots ...! and I am sick of dealing with it... like if I have one small west coast cooler or one premixed vodka 400ml ... she makes out I am alco- drunk but she can drink 2 1 litre large bottles of booze that has a huge alcohol reading or even one time she drank a whole 2 liter cask.... I can spend all day cleaning here and she never notices but if she cleans the fry pan once every 2 weeks ....its like a major performance we all have say ""how great you are !!!" ... I am here vacuming, cleaning toilets, cooking, etc and that is like SO WHAT to her!

my sister always wins and nothing will stop what she has .... no one can beat her! my sister is a performance....! she is a great powerful wiccarian witch .... like no other... to beat her will be to beat the titanic full charge! ok!!!!!! that is all i am going to say! you have to give her what she wants there is no other alternative.. she has the power of satan behind her and all I can hope is they kill each other in a satanic battle of wills ! the sooner my sister goes back to her Filipino husband the better and never comes back here ...we will all be better off!