My Sister...

My sister has a bad habit of making everything about her, she seems to pretend that her life is so horrible and her extremely supportive family is doing nothing to help. Just to get attention she will pretend to be sick whenever my parents are around, and if I dare question her it will become a grotesque onslaught of insults that just make me want to kill myself. She is extremely anti-social, which results in her being rude to us in public or insulting me horribly in front of her friends. Even though i shower and i mean shower her in gifts and presents, she never says thank you, and god forbid i do something wrong. She will scream and insult me to no end, with no boundaries whatsoever. Another thing is, is that she constantly limits me, if i wear a colorful skirt she says "why are you wearing that? That's weird take it off" if i refuse, she will subtly offend me until i take it off out of desperation, another example would be if i read a book that had the slightest hinting of sexuality, she would have an over the top freak out and forbid me from reading that again. She also always pushes work onto me, i have a horrible problem with touching other people's food yet every night she volunteers me to do the dishes, which includes picking up her messy plate and place mat litter with food. Another issue is that i can't have my own opinion without hers too. If i really like a shirt, my sister might say ooh i really like that shirt and then will grab it from my hands and then convince my mom to buy it for her, even though she has money she doesn't have to pay for everything, while i have to pay for every soda, shirt and book. She now owes me $70 (and counting) and constantly uses the excuse "i have no money" or "you're like 5, you can't tell me what to do". Even when we get into fights that are entirely her fault, when it's resolved she says "i guess i forgive you, but you have to do this for me" and i just want to rip out my hair. She has an obsession with being right, if i even hint about her being wrong she will start screaming, and fight until i say uncle. I have to always apologize for things that had nothing to with me and can never win a fight, mostly because i have the boundaries to not horribly offend her, boundaries that she is in a serious lacking of. I can;t even express my feelings for she will always find a way to turn things on me, thank god for this website to let me vent.
good to get that out
i should be good until a couple hours when she starts up again.
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13-15, F
Dec 4, 2012