I Dont Love My Sister, And I Hate Myself For It

im 20 my sister is 28, we can get along for about 24 hours but after that... she hit me once then said that i hit her first. she's always lying about, ironically she's the one who always calls me the liar, with out fail it comes up in every argument. when i was a kid i used to exaggerate all of my stories i grew out of hit in my teens. she reads through my text messages this has happened three times. she also starts fights right infront of everyone. making our issues very public, what happens between us should stay between us. it so embarrising i cant be around her, there are so many little things here and there.

i can never win with her in an argument or with my mother. this has taught me that when things get to hard i should just give up, with everything in my life, im trying to break thi habbit but im finding thats its hard. she treats me as if im worthless, she talks to me as if im not even a person but an object to be controled and and manimulated by her. i wish i could just get away from her forever, but to so that i would have to leave my entire family behind and i love my family, but i can say in all honesty i cant find myself to love her anymore.

i was told about this website by a friend and she said that i could maybe find some help here. people to talk too, who maybe could help deal with this. i hope thats true.
i feel like theres more i could do but everymove i make, every time i try to change she doesnt so i revert back. im stuck in this current that never changes no matter what i do.
alexzmp alexzmp
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013