I Hate Her

my sister is a crazy damn mess. she makes everyone around her miserable, she is an alcoholic. bipolar. blamer. she lives in a **** hole trailer park infested with bugs and who knows what else, all her things and her house smells like cat ****.
and on top of that lives with the help of government assistance, yet has money to blow on stupid **** like tattoos and liquor. and she is all the time going places and doing things instead of paying off her enormous amount of debt.
she is what is wrong with this country.
i hate her.
and she is constantly trying to put me down and make me feel bad and everyone is just suppose to walk on egg shells around her. **** it. im done.
im not lending her more money, her electric and water get cut off again... i guess she will just have to rough it.
im done.
dragonflykist dragonflykist
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013